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Empower your employees

Connect your people to the information they need in their roles, so they can manage assets and processes in real time. Microsoft solutions enhance traditional systems of record with a people-centric system of engagement that offers greater visibility and collaboration to transform your business.


Mobile worker

Empower your workforce with devices and productivity solutions for user or process-defined collaboration specific to their business and operational needs—extending from cross-functions within the organization to value-chain and cross-industrial sectors and regions.

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Mobile Worker solution

The mobile worker solution promotes productivity, flexibility, and security across your organization—from product engineering and plant management to the services you provide.

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Big Compute for Simulation & Visualization

Increase the frequency and speed of engineering simulations, analyses, and visualization to optimize product designs for performance, safety, and manufacturing using hyper-scalability in the cloud. High performance computing clusters can be quickly and efficiently provisioned in the cloud to cost-effectively replace or increase capacity as either the primary resource or as an on-demand, burst capability.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Enable manufacturers to transform contracts into valuable assets that drive business and reduce the risk of contractual mismanagement through an easy, intelligent, enterprise-wide contract lifecycle management platform.

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