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Educated Cities

Microsoft’s CityNext initiative, along with our partners, can help cities improve private and public education with solutions that span educational management and operations, analytics, research, learning systems, and school and campus administration. These solutions can drive innovation in schools, with more cost-effective services and better learning outcomes.


Facilities Management and Energy Efficiency

Use the Internet of Things and modern analytics to reduce your energy consumption, detect and predict equipment faults, and optimize your facilities operation.

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Facilities Management and Energy Efficiency solution

The Facilities Management and Energy Efficiency solution uses the Internet of Things and modern analytics to reduce your energy consumption, detect and predict equipment faults,…

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Devices, mobility and apps for learning

To be competitive, cities need to ensure that their citizens have access to twenty-first century productivity tools. All schools, including public education and higher-education institutions, can benefit from complementary, world-class apps and online services that make it easier to interact and collaborate.

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Al Amal School for Deaf Students

Al Amal School for Deaf Students builds dynamic lessons and improves learning with cloud-based services.

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Education analytics and research

Educators already have plenty of administrative and economic data—the challenge is gaining insights from it. With a technology platform that includes cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies, Microsoft CityNext and our partners help education customers take full advantage of education analytics and information assets by directly aligning data with their own goals and aspirations. This strategic approach facilitates better planning and decision-making as well as improved tracking and evaluation.

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Tacoma Public Schools

Predicting student dropout risks, increasing graduation rates with cloud analytics

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Learning systems

To compete in today's economy, local governments and educators need innovative solutions that streamline learning. Microsoft CityNext offers a people-first approach that helps cities improve digital inclusion with broader access to skills development, training, and school management software. Learning management systems (LMS) and school management software, based on technologies from Microsoft and our partners, provide educators with the ability to effectively manage their school's curriculum as well as course delivery.

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Georgia State University

A twenty-first century education that teaches technical skills to serve a lifetime

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School and campus administration

Colleges and universities across the world face increased demands to do more with fewer resources. And like cities, they are tasked with not just doing more with less, but new with less. Their challenges include pressure to modernize operations, compete for students, faculty, and funding, and prepare students for the twenty-first century workforce.

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Calgary Catholic School District

School district adopts teacher-led IT strategy to support leading-edge learning.

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