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Global banks join Efma, Microsoft and Avanade to recognize fintech solution award winners at the 2016 Efma Distribution Summit

By Microsoft Financial Services on April 14, 2016

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In a recent blog post, we announced Efma, Microsoft and Avanade are working together with some of the world’s largest financial institutions to launch a new Fintech portal,, to connect the rapidly expanding fintech community with retail banks and insurance firms globally.

Today at the Efma Distribution Summit in London, Efma announced the fintech solution winners, based on entries within the portal, and selected by a committee of senior banking and insurance executives. The committee selected best-in-class fintech solutions within the following categories: Business Banking; Distribution and Marketing; Insurance; and PFM-Payments. In addition, they also recognized two winners for the best overall fintech solutions. This year’s Efma Fintech winners included:

“The financial technology sector is booming, and Microsoft is proud to be working with Efma and Avanade on this initiative to connect the rapidly expanding fintech community with Efma members globally,” said Patrice Amann, EMEA financial services director at Microsoft. “We believe this platform and community will provide a foundation for Efma members to identify, network, and collaborate with fintech solution partners to support them in driving their innovation agenda.”

“This year’s Fintech Awards reflect the innovation that is providing retail banks and insurance companies with the opportunity to drive down customer costs and create more engaging customer and employee experiences,” said Violetta Senda, Avanade Europe’s senior director for Digital Strategy and Digital Banking. “Today’s awards celebrate the vision and imagination that is required to make technology innovation possible. Working with Efma and Microsoft to help bridge the gap for these two communities and nurture stronger connections between the fintech community, retail banks and insurance companies has been very exciting and wonderful to celebrate today.”

“The impact of fintech can be felt across the entire retail financial services industry and, if handled correctly, presents a huge opportunity to banks the world over,” said Vincent Bastid, Efma’s CEO. “It’s for this reason that we are joining forces with highly regarded organizations from across the sector to present the Fintech Portal and associated awards. By recognizing the best players in fintech, and helping them join forces with banks, we are aiding much-needed collaborations that will help to create a better future for everyone.”

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