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Microsoft CityNext at Smart City Expo 2016

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November 15, 2016 - November 17, 2016


At the 6th annual Smart City Expo World Congress Microsoft CityNext and over 50 partners demonstrated innovative solutions to help cities digitally transform, enabling them to:

Engage with citizens through mobile services to better connect governments, businesses, and people.

Empower city employees to better collaborate across departments and increase productivity and efficiency.

Optimize city operations and infrastructure by connecting systems, data, and people across departments to make information more accessible and services more affordable.

Transform by harnessing the cloud and data explosion for actionable analysis and deep insights to innovate and design new digital services that benefit society, provide transparency, and encourage citizen participation.

Watch the videos below to learn how CityNext empowers more sustainable, prosperous and economically competitive cities – with a simplified approach.

Smart City Expo Day 3

Kathryn Willson, Director, Microsoft CityNext gives a round-up of the latest news and views from the third day at Smart City Expo.
Watch Kathryn Wilson Video


Smart City Expo Day 2

Trudy Norris-Grey, Sr Director of Public Sector gives a round-up of the latest news and views from the second day at Smart City Expo.
Watch Trudy Norris-Grey Video


Tim Turitto, GM of Government gives a round-up of the latest news and views from  Smart City Expo.
Watch Tim Turitto Video

Watch Geodan NEXT's Video Geodan NEXT’s decision support solutions enable smarter decisions with cloud and modern visualization technologies

We will explore Geodan NEXT’s decision support solutions in different city areas, and discuss the unlocking of big data driven insights by these cloud-based solutions. Geocraft™ is a 3D urban planning solution that enables collaboration between professionals and involved citizens. Collaboration in urban planning speeds-up development time, helps to reduce communal stress and creates a more widely accepted end-result.


Watch Cities Unlocked Video Cities Unlocked: lighting up the visually impaired world through sound to enrich their lives

Cities Unlocked, is powered by Microsoft Azure and our mobility services, and is an innovative audio-augmented soundscape in 3D which enables a person to know what’s around them in a natural and empowering way


Watch Big Data Video Big Data for Social Services to help vulnerable population at risk of social exclusion.

Municipalities offer grants to people who apply for them. But there are a lot of old people who don’t know they can access help or maybe they are too shy to ask.


Watch Cubic's Surface Transport Management Solution Video Cubic’s Surface Transport Management Solution – Using Microsoft’s Azure technology to combat the problems of transportation

Surface Transport Management is an innovative, next-generation cloud-based solution designed to collectively support all aspects of transportation. It integrates single-system solution with real-time traffic management.


Watch Sparked Video Sparked: How Hollands Kroon moved 100% to the cloud

Sparked accelerates the daily business of organizations who want and need to transform. See how they helped Hollands Kroon become the first city to operate 100% from the cloud.


Smart City Expo Day 1

Toni Townes-Whitley, CVP WW Public Sector gives a round-up of the latest news and views from the first day at Smart City Expo.
Watch Toni Townes Whitley at teh Smart City Expo


Watch Taqtile HoloMaps Video Taqtile HoloMaps for Microsoft HoloLens – Holographic mapping for organizations seeking better insights and team collaboration

Taqtile discusses collaboration using holographic maps with their HoloMaps app for HoloLens to display 3D topography, infrastructure, & buildings while integrating data sources that overlay contextual information on the map.


Watch AIV Connected Video IAV Connected Highly Automated Driving

IAV has a long history in the area of Driver Assistance and Highly Automated Driving. Automated ITS is a major contributor to improving urban congestion and its associated ‎pollution. The Connected Highly Automated Driving vehicle is capable of connecting with infrastructure, pedestrians, the Microsoft cloud and Windows10 to enable the vehicle to automatically react to its surroundings.


Watch PayIQ Video PayIQ develops cloud-based intelligent mobile solutions for public and private transport

PayIQ develops cloud-based intelligent mobile solutions for public and private transport utilizing Microsoft Azure technology. We are the leading mobile payment solutions enabler for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) operators. Our focus is on mobile tickets, security and safety serving all travel means including various flavors of shared economy. PayIQ is a Microsoft CityNext Partner and active member in Global MaaS Alliance.


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CityNext ImageDriving Digital Transformation: Microsoft CityNext and the IDC’s Smart City MaturityScape

A digital transformation is taking place in cities across the globe today. Technologies such as the cloud, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and social media continue to rise in adoption rates, giving city leaders the opportunity to gain new insights on how to improve their services.

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Enabling smarter transportation

When Cubic Transportation Systems was developing a new traffic management solution for cities, the company knew it needed to use the cloud.

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Turning challenges into opportunities for cities

Cities succeed when they make life better for their citizens. In most cases, this has less to do with lofty ideals or urban social theory and more to do with what happens in everyday life on the ground.

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Better data, better water

As their populations continue to explode, many cities around the world face the reality of water shortages caused by droughts and a lack of investment in water infrastructure.

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Hollands Kroon uses the power of the cloud to reimagine government

In 2012, Hollands Kroon embarked on a three-part plan to completely reimagine the way the city does business.

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