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Jumeirah Group

By Microsoft Customer Stories on December 22, 2016

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Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts—owners of some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, like the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah—already has a reputation for delivering world-class hospitality. Company leaders saw an opportunity to improve segmentation and campaign management by tapping into vast data from the chain’s customer loyalty program. By using Microsoft Dynamics 365, Jumeirah creates personalized, targeted, relevant marketing experiences for each customer that drives an increase in revenue year-on-year.

If you’ve ever joined a hotel customer loyalty program, it’s likely that your preferences ranging from food choices to the web browser on your phone were used to personalize your experience. Although hotels accumulate immense amounts of data on their customers, this data isn’t often taken full advantage of to deliver promotions relevant to customers’ specific needs. Abdullatif Awadh, Director of Customer Relationship Marketing at Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, wanted to remedy the disconnect between the world-class luxury hospitality guests received at a Jumeirah hotel and the company’s marketing messaging.

Put guests front and center

Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts is a luxury hotel chain headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with hotels throughout the Middle East and Europe. “We deliver the best experience in the luxury sector and found a great opportunity to improve the follow-up communications our guests receive, ensuring that they are consistent with our brand promise,” says Awadh. “We wanted to make sure that we deliver messages that are tailored and targeted to each guest.”

The chain’s traditional marketing communications were based on the products it wanted to promote and its customer base demographics. “However, the assumption that all people in the same region want the same type of communication is incorrect,” Awadh says. He knew that shifting the company’s approach to more relevant, targeted marketing would benefit the organization, but this would require a change in thinking and in tools.

Instead of looking at its customer base with the question, “Who can we target with this marketing message?” it asked, ”What do these unique people want to hear from us?” The hotel needed to address the guest’s travel objectives: Why had that person come to the hotel in the past, and what would bring the guest back? The challenge was to remain relevant to the audience.

“We knew where we were and where we wanted to go, but we needed the right tools to get there,” Awadh says. “We found Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be just what we needed. It was also in line with the stringent customer data protection and privacy laws that Jumeirah adheres to.”

Gain a 360-degree view of each guest

Awadh’s vision was to use all the guest data the company had collected to develop a 360-degree view of each Jumeirah loyalty customer. Doing so would make marketing much more personal, relevant, and actionable. “We’re shifting our focus to ensure that our campaigns are relevant to each guest rather than to the business, because it’s the guest who drives our business,” says Awadh.

For the last several years, Jumeirah’s customer loyalty programs had tracked everything from a phone call to a portal login and stored that data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service  . The organization’s separate booking system held additional customer data that could be helpful in marketing campaigns. Jumeirah needed the right tools to pull transactional, cross-channel, and customer master data together into one place, where it could be segmented to create more effective marketing campaigns.

Connect systems to yield deep insights

With the help of its solution implementation partner Vepro, Jumeirah is implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 to connect its marketing, booking, and customer service systems. Awadh’s team can use Dynamics 365 for Marketing to identify specific customer segments before pushing those lists into targeted campaigns. The tools’ sophisticated cross-campaign rules ensure that Jumeirah customers receive timely messages without suffering from marketing messaging fatigue.

”By connecting our customer and loyalty program databases and enhancing segmentation with Microsoft Dynamics 365, we will better understand our customers’ travel objectives,” Awadh says. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Jumeirah’s team can manage its website registration page and subscription center forms without assistance from IT. Smart campaign and marketing message templates guarantee quick, flawless marketing execution while avoiding unnecessary, error-prone, repetitive data entry. Altogether, Jumeirah is implementing a scalable marketing process framework. This enables its campaign managers, data analysts, and digital designers to efficiently collaborate with each other and with external stakeholders such as creative and digital agencies.

The first test of the new technology proved a huge success. Vepro helped Jumeirah develop and deliver its most recent campaign using Dynamics 365 for Marketing. “We saw our email-open rate nearly double to 50 percent,” Awadh says. “We’re seeing a year-over-year increase in revenue because we are marketing to customers differently with Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

For real-time insights into attributable web booking revenue, Vepro is helping Jumeirah build a powerful API integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Google Analytics, and Jumeirah’s interactive marketing performance dashboard based on Microsoft Power BI.

Look to the future

Once fully implemented, Jumeirah will connect Dynamics 365 for Customer Service with Dynamics 365 for Marketing and Power BI to gain benefits that extend well beyond segmented campaigns. On top of clear ROI analysis, Jumeirah can use Power BI to identify customer behavior patterns that apply not just to marketing but to the guest experience in the hotel. Jumeirah can enhance its services by sharing these insights across the organization. Finally, the hotel plans to move all these operations to the cloud. Awadh says, “It just makes sense to tap the efficiencies of the Microsoft cloud offerings, especially with the ease of software updates and the data accessibility provided to anyone from anywhere.”

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