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Moving quickly to create better social outcomes through the cloud

By Microsoft Customer Story on March 16, 2017

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In 2016, Stand partnered with Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Partner, Stellar Consulting Group, to launch a cloud-based data and analytics application tailored for social services. Utilizing Microsoft’s Azure platform and Cortana Intelligence Suite of cloud-based services, Stellar developed a fully featured analytic solution in just six weeks – providing Stand with a level of organizational awareness and insight which had previously been difficult to attain. This new level of insight is enabling Stand to transform its specialized care model from one that relied heavily on anecdotal, disparate knowledge to a dynamic and evidence-informed suite of services. Practitioners now have access to new data daily, to guide interventions at the level of the individual child and family. Clinical leaders also have better oversight, with real-time monitoring and analysis of performance across the entire organization.

Specifically, the cloud-based data and analytics application is strengthening Stand’s social impact by:

The ability to identify and intervene quickly to complex needs and critical events can prevent an escalation that might have serious implications for a child’s safety and wellbeing. Through the application, Stand’s practitioners can monitor and assess a child and family’s safety and wellbeing. They can also benchmark results across the population Stand serves by age, gender, ethnicity, service type and region. Outliers in a child’s behavior that constitute risk can be quickly identified and managed, enhancing the child’s safety and development.

With data analytics tools, Stand’s staff can now get immediate actionable insight from their data – informing them on what they should be doing rather than what they have done. From the collective data provided by practitioners, Stand’s leadership can also identify new trends and determine the appropriate resources, partners and staff training needed to address them. This will enable Stand to deliver a higher standard of care in the long term.

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