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The Future of Technology and Childcare

By Microsoft in Business Team on June 1, 2016

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Childcare + Technology = Success
More than ever, parents rely on childcare facilities to care for their young children while they work. In fact, since 2011, 32.7 million children have had a regular childcare arrangement while their parents worked. And it’s an important societal function; children who take part in early childcare programs tend to be healthier and are more successful in school.

EDU Blog_2Admittedly, though, childcare is a balancing act. Not only do these facilities need to provide exceptional service to parents, but they have to keep expenses in check and track finances like any other operating business. But with a lack of funding, high turnover, and ever-evolving staff and safety requirements, operating a childcare business is a difficult proposition.

Enter technology.

Open Communication
For parents, exceptional service means open communication. Parents want to know how their child is doing while they’re away. Are their child’s needs being met? Are they being heard when sharing important details about their child’s care? Can they can reach the facility at any time, and can staff reach parents regardless of where they are during the day? A central communication hub can help parents communicate important information such as dietary restrictions, or special drop-off or pick-up instructions. And wearable devices allow teachers to communicate hands-free, leaving them to focus on their most important task – caring for children.

Edu Blog_1Heavy Lifting
Providing technology enhanced services does more than offer real-time communication with parents. When a child is checked in at the front desk, decisions can be made about staffing and streamlining daily activities so that staff can work more efficiently. Teachers can communicate directly with administrators, send sub requests for sick days or daily breaks, build lesson plans, and collaborate with peers about best practices so that your facility is always using the most current methods for successful childcare.

Become a Business Power House
Knowledge is power for decision makers, too. On the back end of your business, technology offers opportunities for marketing and sales at the corporate level, allowing you to make smarter, faster decisions that are based on concrete facts and trends gleaned from real-time analytics.

Effective and efficient operations allow you to provide the highest quality of care to children and the best service to parents, while ensuring your staff is given every opportunity to succeed, and your business is able to not only survive, but thrive in an ever-changing industry. For more detailed information on how childcare facilities can use technology to streamline operations and reduce costs, download “Childcare Excellence in the Modern Age.”

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