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Get your March Madness on!

By Microsoft in Business Team on March 16, 2016

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It’s that time of the year again!  Time to fill out your brackets for the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. Colloquially known as “March Madness,” the 3-week tournament features 68 Division I college basketball teams vying for the highly coveted national championship.  The single-game tournament trims teams from 68 to 16 — the Sweet 16, as it is often called.  The field is further trimmed from 16 to four—the “Final Four” from each geographic region.  The team that survives the unpredictability and chaos of the month will earn the crown of college basketball.

Completing a bracket to predict the winning team has become a national and social phenomenon over the years.  A wide range of statistical analysis websites and online courses have cropped up, designed to help people fill out their perfect bracket.

Are you brand new to the bracket scene and clueless on who to pick?  Or a seasoned bracket builder struggling to identify your champion?

Fear not! This handy Visio NCAA Bracket Generator will help you select your winning team.  The Generator provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to choose your priority criteria:

  • Win %
  • RPI
  • Schedule strength
  • Scoring Offense
  • Scoring Defense
  • Scoring Margin
  • All Time (historical)
  • Seed
  • Mascot

Through a robust algorithm, the Generator automatically identifies your top pick.  Simple!

And if you don’t already have Visio, download a free trial today. If you require additional tips, check out Bing Predicts—the official Bracketologist of the NCAA.

Kudos to the Allegient team for building the Visio diagram.  Please note that you must download the Visio diagram and Excel data to generate the bracket. Setup instructions are in the Visio diagram tab.

Get ready to enjoy the madness!

March Maddess 1

March Maddess 2

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