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Seeing the unseen: Imagining contextual digital experiences

By Mike Wise, Arno Harteveld, Jean Blatchford, Kris Ringenbach, Simon Floyd, Roy Sharples, and Olga Masek on March 16, 2018

Filed under Microsoft Enterprise Services

The next computing paradigm is here.

Imagine if you could interact and work on 3D information at full scale and in real-time.  Transform customer experience by delivering highly personalized experiences that allows the customer to learn, envision, and customize the product in 3D.  Scale expert experience to solve complex issues in real-time with innovative job aids such as real-time work instructions, on demand remote advisor for assisted diagnosis and remote visualization capabilities to streamline operations and attain operational agility.  Design in real world context, seeing the concept in real-scale and 3D.  Speed up design processes, eliminate prototypes, dramatic reduce time to market and costs.

Mixed reality is the blending of the physical and digital worlds.  It will revolutionize many business processes.  Auto manufacturers can visualize their vehicle prototypes before building clay models.  Product designers will be able to experience 3D models of their products without printing or making physical models.  Doctors can visualize patient’s exams in more detail and in 3D to better plan surgeries and improve outcomes.

Read the digital booklet Seeing the unseen: Imagining contextual digital experiences for more insights on how to challenge the status quo to imagine the art of the possible, advance human experience, transform business with game changing strategies and technology that positively progress societal change.


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