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Time to make legal a digital workplace

By Lucy Bassli; Tami Baddeley; Olga Masek on May 19, 2017

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Corporate legal departments and law firms today face challenges that are forcing them to re-think how they do business. Factors reshaping the landscape of the legal industry include: increased globalization, the growth of the Internet, the automation of legal processes, developments in data security, and emerging technology.

This means that legal teams must reinvent their processes and use technology to help them:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Manage internal customers effectively
  • Increase productivity no matter where they are.

At Microsoft, the legal department is taking advantage of a wide array of technologies and data analytics to deliver on the promise of the Digital Transformation. The Global Contracting Office (GCO) in the Legal Operations and Contracting team at Microsoft looked closely at their processes. Rather than implementing an entirely new contract management system, the GCO found ways to use existing technologies implement new processes. Turning the GCO into a Digital Workplace has improved contract review time by 72% and increased customer satisfaction by 30%.


Read this whitepaper “Time to Make Legal a Digital Workplace” for brief recap of our approach to managing legal processes:

Text on whitepaper image reads "Time to make Legal a digital workplace"


Find out more about Microsoft Services Digital Workplace solutions here.

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