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The Linde Group boosts global productivity with Microsoft 365 Enterprise

By Sebastian Mahler, Head of Enterprise Infrastructure, The Linde Group on September 21, 2017

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Headquartered in Munich, Germany, The Linde Group is a leading gas and engineering company with operations in more than 100 countries. Linde has transformed its workplace culture to raise the standard of excellence in business productivity by deploying Microsoft 365 Enterprise. With seamless collaboration tools, mobile access to data on any device, and efficient business process workflows, everyone is better equipped to enact the “Linde Spirit” and continue the company’s heritage of innovation.

“Our core values—empowering people, innovating for customers, thriving through diversity, and a passion to excel—are all reflected in our decision to move to Microsoft 365 Enterprise. For Linde, empowering people is all about enabling collaboration among colleagues and with partners and customers. Productive teamwork, enabled by easy access to resources, further drives innovation. And empowered employees are inspired and passionate about what they do. In this way, Office 365 strengthens the principles of the Linde Spirit, which underlies our corporate culture.”

—Sebastian Mahler, Head of Enterprise Infrastructure, The Linde Group

The Linde IT team plays a critical role in reinforcing the Linde Spirit by creating an empowering workplace built on Microsoft 365 Enterprise, which combines the power of Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10. Deploying cloud-based business services to achieve a digital transformation across the company’s global footprint offers yet another example of its pioneering approach to technical innovation. “We’re using Microsoft 365 Enterprise to succeed in today’s volatile global market by empowering employees with a modern and collaborative workplace culture, built on highly secure technologies,” says Sebastian Mahler, Head of Enterprise Infrastructure at The Linde Group. Read the customer story by Linde’s Head of Enterprise Infrastructure, Sebastian Mahler.

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