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Empowering People – How Artificial Intelligence is changing our world

By Darren Jefford, JD Meier, Roy Sharples and Steve Sweetman on February 7, 2017

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Empowering People - How Artificial Intelligence is changing our world

The digital revolution is democratizing societal change, evolving human progress by helping people & organizations innovate in ways not previously possible.

Intelligent machines are increasingly complementing human reasoning to augment and enrich our experience and competencies.

Machine learning
Computers continuously learn from new data to evolve into advanced, intelligent systems.

Human language technologies
Computers and humans communicate using speech recognition, language modeling and understanding, and spoken language and dialog systems.

Perception and sensing
Computers and devices recognize what their visual sensors detect, facilitating tasks ranging from autonomous driving to medical image analysis.

Cyberphysical systems and robotics
Investments and partnerships with industry and governments, guide the integrity, assistive robotics, and other intelligent technologies that interact with the physical world.

Human AI collaboration
Humans interact with computers in novel, meaningful, and productive ways.

Decisions and plans
Predictive reasoning facilitates informed collaboration between humans and intelligent agents.

People and society
Society and individuals impact the design and prevalence of intelligent technologies.

Systems, tools, and platforms
Intelligent technologies are integrated into interactive tools to enhance human cognition, for example contextual data incorporated into chatbots to support decision making.

Integrative intelligence
AI advances such as computer vision and human language technologies are woven together, creating end-to-end systems that learn and adapt.

Artificial Intelligence is not about machines replacing humans, rather it’s about humans and machines working together to transform the world.

By making applications and devices intelligent and giving them the capability to comprehend and interact with the world naturally and respectfully, organizations can continue to improve human to machine interactions in powerful ways and deliver business outcomes through digital transformation.

Human ingenuity and passion together with technology can solve many of humanity’s challenges—and change the world.

“Empowering People – How Artificial Intelligence is changing our world” provides a point of view on how the digital revolution is unlocking new opportunities for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate innovation, evolve human progress, and provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Read the digital booklet here: Empowering People – How Artificial Intelligence is changing our world

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