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How AI-powered organizations are getting ahead

By Manish Ladha, Digital Transformation Lead, Microsoft on May 15, 2017

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Running man made out of pixels with text saying 'How A I Powered organizations are getting ahead'

If AI is artificial intelligence, it is also about amplifying ingenuity. There are 3 forces converging to make AI a possibility – (a) big compute to take advantage of computing power in the cloud; (b) powerful algorithms with deep neural nets and (c) massive amount of data fueling powerful applications.

Just like many years ago when we moved from the command line to the Graphics User Interface, we made it easier for people, forging a partnership between humans and machines. With AI in conversations, we move from a world where we had to understand computers, to a new world where computers understand humans.

View this infographic to learn more about the latest organizational trends in artificial intelligence:

Artifical intelligence infographic

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