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Collaboration Tools Transform Business at Fruit of the Loom

By Tracy Issel, General Manager, Worldwide Retail & Consumer Goods, Microsoft on October 25, 2017

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Fruit of the Loom uses modern collaboration tools to improve employee productivity

The retail and consumer goods industry moves at an unprecedented rate. Digital consumers know more about your products, styles, prices and stock availability than ever before. Whether shopping in-store or online, consumers want more variety and they want it more often. How can companies with complex global supply chains—fine-tuned to manufacture large quantities—drive more agility, creativity, and collaboration in the workplace to accommodate consumer demand?

That’s a challenge that keeps many of my customers awake at night. I am finding that winning companies are taking advantage of modern collaboration tools that enable direct communication with all their employees and trading partners to increase productivity, share information and make rapid decisions in a fast-moving environment. 

Imagine the power of:

  • Your marketing managers sharing their desktops during video calls with business analytics and sales teams in six different time zones to collaborate on product launches, promotions and programs that directly affect your customers.
  • Your IT staff in the United States using collaboration sites to relay the latest product updates with colleagues in India so development work can continue around the clock. 
  • Your manufacturers around the globe using collaboration tools to respond in real time to the success of a new promotion or rapidly replenish low stocks on retailers’ shelves by coordinating their processes, changing capacity and meeting new customer demands.

Rather than imagining this modern workplace, you can look inside the real-world innovation and digital transformation taking place at Fruit of the Loom. This iconic U.S. garment manufacturer may be one of the oldest brands in the world, but it’s staying fresh by using Microsoft 365 Enterprise to transform its business, foster an engaged workforce and keep the customer at the center of everything they do. 

Fruit of the Loom’s journey began about five years ago with Chief Information Officer Chris Krebs looking for a modern and secure technology experience to empower its more than 30,000 globally dispersed employees. While they considered other collaboration tools, Krebs and his team turned to Microsoft to help them create a connected environment that simplified their most complex challenges. 

Today, Microsoft 365 Enterprise serves as the foundation for Fruit of the Loom’s creativity and collaboration across diverse work styles and locations. Using data analysis services from Microsoft Azure, Fruit of the Loom gains business insight that helps strengthen retailer relationships to compete more effectively. SharePoint Online powers its company portal, called FruitNet, which creates an environment that encourages every employees’ insight, ideas and teamwork. 

The words shared by Tony Pelaski, chief operating officer, Fruit of the Loom, says it all: “Our greatest thinkers are within the company. Using Office 365 to provide everyone with the tools to collaborate and contribute is a vital part of our success.”

You can read more about the success that Fruit of the Loom is realizing by reinventing their business with modern collaboration tools here, and watch the video below. I think you’ll be inspired to learn how a company that’s more than 160 years old is bringing the latest technologies into everything they do to engage and empower every employee to increase productivity and make a difference for its customers in a fast-moving, digital marketplace.

LinkedIn: Tracy Issel

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