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For a Healthier Life – 13 Tips from Intel

By Intel on May 12, 2017

Filed under Nurses

This is an infographic by Intel depicting 13 tips for nurses to rejuvenate and revitalize.  Tip 1: Give and take.  Tip 2: Walk the perimeter.  Tip 3: Love your feet. Tip 4: How about a little seasoning - eat a seasonal diet.  Tip 5: Dance your way to clear - dancing has a profound impact on mental health. Tip 6: the original inspiration - take deep breaths, it lowers stress. Tip 7: Your personal undo list - make a less list.  Tip 8: pillow book, not pillow phone - read in bed vs using your phone. Tip 9: Bundle your bytes - set time for checking messages, not continually throughout the day. Tip 10: Thanksgiving - find something to be grateful.  Tip 11: color me happy, color me calm - surround yourself with vibrant colors at home. Tip 12: Woodn't you know it - wood relieves stress, keep it around.  Tip 13: Now, back to that whole giving thing - take some time to give.

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