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U.S. Government customers gain advanced data capabilities for Microsoft Azure Government

By Curt Kolcun, Vice President, U.S. Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation on March 6, 2017

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With today’s announcement that Power BI Pro and HDInsight are part of Microsoft Azure Government, the Microsoft Government Cloud platform continues its momentum in delivering new, compliant capabilities and greater productivity for federal, state and local government customers.

These cloud-based data analytics and visualization services will empower government employees to visualize data, glean valuable insights and intelligence from their vast data resources to take informed action to improve citizen services, reduce taxpayer costs and increase efficiency, all while adhering to the most stringent security requirements. As Microsoft continues to bring innovation to our customers, the market has acknowledged our efforts: for the second year in a row, Microsoft has been positioned furthest to the right for completeness of vision within the leaders quadrant of Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. This is the 10th consecutive year Microsoft has been positioned as a leader.

We are also announcing a preview of Cognitive Services in Azure Government, which enable natural and contextual interaction with tools that augment users’ experiences using the power of machine-based intelligence. These capabilities are increasingly important
to public sector customers, and demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to innovate in the Azure Government Cloud.

Azure compliance portfolio

Today’s news adds to Azure Government’s growing compliance portfolio and commitment to providing the most trusted, comprehensive cloud platform for government customers. Recent certifications include:

Azure-powered customer transformations

Our federal, state and local government customers are the biggest beneficiaries of Microsoft Azure Government’s new capabilities and compliance certifications. Governments are rapidly transforming with the Microsoft cloud, delivering modernized and improved public services, increased responsiveness to citizen needs and innovations made possible by greater efficiencies, enhanced productivity and more effective collaboration.

The addition of Power BI Pro and Azure HDInsight to Azure Government will allow government agencies to become even more efficient and effective, and can help in the following scenarios:

  • With Power BI and HDInsight, agencies can more easily use technology to take hourly readings from weather sensors throughout the U.S. and assess past accident history so that employees can determine where they should implement road closures to help avoid and reduce accidents.
  • With the publish-to-web capability of Power BI Pro, agencies can make data more available to citizens, such as publishing insurance or demographic data and presenting the data in a more visual manner.
  • Using data-driven insights to help make faster and more informed decisions is increasingly important: Power BI can help agencies visualize and analyze data in one place, and create personalized dashboards to quickly monitor and drill down into their most important information without running legacy reporting solutions.

Government customers already see the benefits of data analytics and visualization tools:

  • “At the National Institutes of Health, we’re committed to doing work that makes people’s lives better, including the littlest lives,” said Dr. Michael Hansen, NIH. “By leveraging cloud computing resources, we’ve been able to improve the way that pediatric imaging of the heart is done with MRI. With the open source data engine we developed on at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, we are now able to process and reconstruct imaging data that was previously impractical to handle in a clinical workflow. Being able to use this cloud and data-rich application with existing scanning infrastructure, and being able to share it worldwide, is truly widening access to technology that is already having a significant impact on many lives.”
  • “We believe a connected city delivers better outcomes, and leveraging the power of the cloud for its infrastructure, data analytics and productivity capabilities is absolutely key to making this vision a reality for the District,” said D.C. Chief Technology Officer Archana Vemulapalli. “Ultimately, our goal is to modernize our service offerings and deliver them faster and at a lower cost to the 80-plus government agencies we support. Our work with Microsoft to bring new services built on Office 365 and Azure Government is core to achieving our mission, and we look forward to growing our use of the cloud to drive an efficient, effective and data-driven D.C. into the future.”

Other examples of Azure-powered government innovations include:

We are committed to providing the most trusted, comprehensive cloud so that our nearly 6 million government users across 7,000-plus federal, state and local organizations can achieve more in carrying out their mission-critical workloads. Please visit:

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