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Take advantage of the cloud on your terms

By Sergio Ortega Cruz, Worldwide Industry Solution Manager for Public Safety, National Security & Defense, Microsoft on March 24, 2017

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National security and defense agencies like yours are under pressure to deliver more and better services—faster and at lower costs. Nearly every one of your mission-critical initiatives requires technology services to support it.

You know that your organization needs to digitally transform and take advantage of the speed, scale, and economics of cloud services to empower your agency to advance its mission—so you can innovate and increase efficiency in ways never before possible. But for most defense organizations moving to the cloud has to be a gradual process. You don’t want to put everything in the cloud. And for the digital services you do put in the cloud, you want to make sure you still have control over your data and you have the right security and transparency.

The good news is that the cloud doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition. You can take advantage of it on your own terms with our hybrid cloud solutions that enable the flexibility and security you require.

In other words, you don’t have to choose between your datacenter and the cloud. You can get the best of both worlds when you combine an onsite datacenter with a cloud solution designed specifically for your needs. And you can streamline application development, security, and administration across on-premises, private, and public cloud environments.

To help you prioritize which workloads to move to the cloud—and when and how to move them—look at what you require to support your mission priorities. Perhaps some initiatives call for cross-agency collaboration, others high-powered computing and systems of intelligence, and others fast application development, adaptation, and scalability—while some demand all of the above and more. Then, determine the sensitivity of the data involved. Based on the data classification, you can designate where data needs to reside and what kinds of safeguards and data governance must be in place.

You can then choose from our private, hybrid, or public cloud environments to locate the different services per their security classification, anticipated demand, sensitivity, and other requirements. You can even designate that certain services be in a datacenter in your region.

For example, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the United Kingdom found the right balance between enabling employees with anytime, anywhere data access while ensuring security. It adopted the Microsoft Cloud, as well as Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection and Customer Lockbox from a Microsoft U.K. data center.

Learn more about how our complete, trusted cloud can offer the choice and control you need to digitally transform your way and advance your defense organization’s mission. Visit our defense cloud digital transformation site.

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