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Digital Tax Administration Transformation Whitepaper

By Microsoft in Government on November 1, 2017

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A new digital tax industry white paper from Microsoft and PwC.

As citizens of a global economy, we are demanding better, transparent and more accessible engagement with the people, businesses and government agencies in exchange for goods, services or experiences. Our expectations of service delivery are constantly being set, fuelled and elevated by our everyday social and commercial sector digital experiences. Whether it’s shopping, travel, banking, news, gaming or interacting with each other on social media, digital transformation is embracing us with increasing pace and generating unprecedented volumes of valuable data and insights that in-turn, incubates new opportunities.

So when it comes to the vital business of generating, collecting and important revenue management that every country needs to succeed and grow, how are government tax agencies stepping up to meeting our expectations and those of business, government and a global audience of potential investors?  Which tax administrations are embracing digital tax technologies and the opportunities enabled by tax and revenue data insights?

To help answer these and many other questions, tax industry experts at Microsoft and PwC have recently collaborated to author a series of new white papers that illustrate and discuss how tax administrations are tackling the challenges of digital transformation as a vital step in their countries’ economic growth aspirations. 

‘Digital Transformation of Tax Administration’ is the first in the series of new papers that helps establish the overarching vision of digital tax transformation, how technology can accelerate positive change and how to navigate a path to project success. Subsequent papers will discuss advanced analytics, the essential skills required, the power of data and the role of a digital tax infrastructure in building efficiency, managing complex legislative change and building overall health, stability and economic growth.

To download your copy of ‘Digital Transformation of Tax Administration’ by PwC and Microsoft, go here.

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