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Time to make HR a Digital Workplace

By Olga Masek; Dawn Klinghoffer; Chuck Edward on March 6, 2017

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Human Resources faces a tough balancing act. The business expects HR to compete for talent around the world. It wants HR to better support business objectives. And it needs HR to inspire and manage employees in ways that create value both for the employees and the company.
Employees want more as well. They’d like a more transparent candidate experience. They want help finding the right training so their careers grow. And they want to track their benefits and other records themselves, anywhere and on any device.

To meet higher expectations, HR needs to help create a workplace where flexible work styles broaden the talent pool, boost morale, and allow employees to take their work with them in ways that can create inspiration and insight. It needs to manage workplace teams so that everyone has a chance to participate and share their insight. It needs to create a corporate culture in which flexibility, benefits, and meaning can trump money. And it needs to find new ways to mentor employees so that valuable knowledge is spread to many, not kept in the hands of a few

Lofty goals, but achievable. How? By making HR a “Digital Workplace.” That’s a workplace where employees find more effective ways to work, are engrossed in their jobs, and use technology tools similar to what they use in their personal lives.

Microsoft long had an HR department that pretty much fit the HR mold established decades ago. But as Microsoft changed and evolved, HR had to change and evolve as well. So, Microsoft re-imagined HR with a digital transformation. That meant finding new ways to use data and technology; creating ways to perform key tasks with excellence and effectiveness; and investing in people to create a stronger HR organization. With those changes in place, HR would be better equipped to help Microsoft:

  • Find talent that can change the world
  • Build a culture with a growth mindset
  • Drive innovation across the company

Here at Microsoft we’ve made HR into a Digital Workplace, a move that is paying real dividends in how we shape our workforce, recruit talented people and manage those people in ways that benefit both the employee and Microsoft.

Read this whitepaper “Digital Workplace for HR” for a brief recap of our new approach to talent, and learn more about Microsoft Services Digital Workplace solutions here.


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