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Our guide for embracing digital transformation

By the Enterprise team on March 9, 2017

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Manufacturing engineers interacting, tablet in hand.

We are witnessing an unprecedented shift in the market landscape. As digital technology integrates with every aspect of every industry and government, the ways that data can be collected, analyzed, and used are driving disruption and revolutionizing the way modern business is done. From building detailed customer profiles that allow “segment of one” marketing to connecting entire systems of operations through the Internet of Things, digital transformation is facilitating the future of innovation.

Harnessing this technology can be an intimidating prospect, which is why Microsoft has created a dynamic and comprehensive set of tools that any customer—regardless of size or industry—can use for a seamless digital transformation. We’ve made it easy to unpack by organizing the process into four key pillars of support:

    1. Engaging customers/citizens. By using technology to gain a three-dimensional understanding of your customers, citizens or patients, you can provide the best possible experience, communicate in real time to resolve issues, and boost the reach of your service.
    2. Empowering employees. Give your talent the tools they need to grow, achieve, and innovate in a digital-first environment that nurtures different work styles and adapts to individual strengths.
    3. Optimizing operations. Using advanced analytics and the Internet of Things, your systems, products, and services can connect and communicate with one another to maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and promote unprecedented productivity.
    4. Transforming products and services. Integrating software and technology directly into your products and services transforms them into digital assets that you can track, maintain, and endlessly improve to deliver maximum value and drive disruption in your market.

By integrating flexible, modular solutions into the technologies you already have, your digital transformation can happen as quickly or as gradually as needed to fit your budget and scope. Microsoft offers comprehensive and secure digital transformation solutions you can use to move your organization into the future.

Watch our illustrated guide to embracing digital transformation:

You can see how the digital transformation can take you further with customers and citizens, employees and organizational operations. By bringing out the best in your IT department and applying Microsoft’s flexible, adaptable solutions to the four key areas of business, disrupting your industry and developing innovative services might be just the beginning. Download our free e-book, Your Roadmap for a Digital-First Business for a deeper look at how to begin your digital transformation today.

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