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Microsoft at Sibos: Join our Executive Briefing Luncheons

By Microsoft Financial Services on September 5, 2017

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From 16-19 October in Toronto, Microsoft will be at Sibos with a rich program focused on enabling you to drive your digital transformation. We have an extensive suite of events planned and opportunities to meet Microsoft executives during the show. Learn more about how to meet Microsoft at Sibos 2017.

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We’re excited to bring back the Microsoft Executive Briefing Luncheon series for Sibos 2017. In these sessions, our speakers will delve into the key issues facing today’s financial institutions.

  • Product Management: Innovation at the Speed of Digital Change
    Monday, October 16 | 12.00-13.15
    Join Microsoft’s second annual luncheon devoted entirely to bank product managers and their issues. This year’s discussion will explore how new technologies are changing the tools and possibilities of product managers.
    The recent and seemingly simultaneous introduction of new transformative technologies is rapidly changing the tools product managers have at their disposal. Advanced and user-friendly analytics, artificial and cognitive intelligence, machine learning and blockchain are all current technologies awaiting use case development within banking. These technologies will all have a deep impact on the product manager’s role as the key managerial function in reshaping bank business and operating models in a highly competitive digital age. This second annual Product Management luncheon will survey some of these tools to stimulate the art of the possible with very practical use cases.
  • Going to the Cloud: Payments at an Inflection Point
    Tuesday, October 17 | 12.00-13.15
    Join Microsoft and our partners to hear how changes in the payments landscape and technology are completely changing wholesale payment operating and business models.
    The fact that payments are at an inflection point of change due to regulation, market infrastructure changes and customer expectations is well known to the Sibos community.  This luncheon will explore practical ways the secure trusted cloud offers a step-change in approach to agility, speed, regulatory compliance and the economics necessary to future-proof banks as providers of payment services. 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data: The Revolution in Banking
    Wednesday, October 18 | 12.00-13.15
    Learn how artificial intelligence is rapidly changing how corporate banks operate, manage data, and interact with customers.
    The revolution brought by AI – a blend of three advanced technologies: machine learning, natural language processing and cognitive computing – has profound implications and most banks have by now taken a glimpse at that transformative power in the form of chatbots, robo-advisors, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In this executive luncheon you will learn how AI is a key enabler in accelerating digital transformation. We’ll cover the steps in the journey that drive significant value, based on client examples, from streamlining and automating financial process tasks to delivering data analytics and insights that allow corporate bankers to make informed decisions – with speed and accuracy – that result in more profitable growth, less risk, business model scale, and customized service to the always-on customer.
  • Empowering Bankers with Advanced Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions
    Thursday, October 19 | 12.00-13.15
    Understand the issues of the public cloud as the backbone for financial services infrastructure from the industry leader in public cloud for banks.
    Facing a surge in cybercrime threats and privacy demands (from customers as well as regulations such as GDPR and Bank Secrecy Act), banks must step up their holistic security posture and customer data protection safeguards. This luncheon will highlight best practices, maturity assessments, and roadmaps for banks to overcome regulatory and internal hurdles to the cloud, build up cybersecurity with advanced defenses, and accelerate regulatory compliance through concerted approaches together with an ecosystem of specialized partners. Microsoft experts will discuss a new and comprehensive cybersecurity vision for banks and capital markets firms to fight the cyber-battlefields of tomorrow.

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