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Transforming your business with AI

By Manish Ladha, Digital Transformation Lead, Microsoft on October 4, 2017

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Using the opening keynote and industry days’ digital leadership conversations as a springboard, Gurdeep Singh Pall, CVP for Business AI at Microsoft, dove into one of the symposium’s most transformative topics: artificial intelligence (AI).

“We’re in the golden era of digital transformation. It’s changing everything we do: how we shop, how we bank, and how we date.”

 – Gurdeep Singh Pall, CVP, Business AI, Microsoft

Addressing a packed audience, Pall eloquently articulated the company’s strategy of democratizing AI for every person and every organization by infusing it into each and every Microsoft product. Not only will this pave the way to sweeping improvements in operational efficiency on both individual and corporate levels, but Microsoft AI will simultaneously provide a platform that enables the rest of the business community to implement their own amazing solutions with AI.

“What we are really doing is creating a system of intelligence rather than just systems of record.”

– Gurdeep Singh Pall, CVP, Business AI, Microsoft

It’s time for forward-leaning IT leaders to stop thinking of AI as a monolithic construct. While I’m at it, the same goes for big data. Just as the internet (once upon a time) put a world of data at our fingertips, AI will put a department’s worth of researching power at our beck and call. Does that mean disruption to contemporary business models? Yes, it does, and digital leaders in every sector need to start looking at the ways they can implement AI innovation first and best.

Our view is that AI is about Amplifying human Ingenuity, not replacing it. We’re backing that belief up with deep research into vision, speech, and reading intelligence. With this multipronged approach to automated research, you’ll be able to use massive computing power to bring big data to bear quickly and efficiently—whether you’re completing daily tasks or focusing on core business scenarios.

It is important to remember that this kind of innovation isn’t just some pie-in-the-sky futurist talk. Microsoft already offers a wealth of diverse tools and platforms capable of maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of AI and your resources, and there is more on the way. Or, as Pall puts it:

“Forms over Data is evolving into Conversations over Knowledge.” 

– Gurdeep Singh Pall, CVP, Business AI, Microsoft

Those words crystalize the impact AI is already having on data insights. The impersonal is becoming personal, a dialogue rather than a spreadsheet. Join us.

For more information and to see the full list of Microsoft sessions in Orlando, go to the Gartner event homepage. Microsoft will also be at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo EMEA in Barcelona, November 5–9, 2017.

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