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Super powered social selling with Lead Builder and Team Link

By Microsoft in Business Team on February 6, 2018

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Social selling is the future of sales and marketing. As our relationships and contacts continue to revolve around a digital experience, social selling has become more and more established as a must-have asset in any seller’s arsenal. We’ve explored the relationship between social media and sales in previous blogs, but today we’re going to delve further into LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s social selling toolkit, and how the tools within can energize your skills. LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the Social Selling Index set the stage for the latest transformation in helping you identify and reach new leads, and today, we’re going to join Microsoft’s US Social Selling Lead, Olivia Wang, in the next stage of our Sales Navigator series: a first-hand look inside LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Lead Builder and Team Link tools.

Designed to help you identify the key decision makers within your target organization in 30 seconds or less, Lead Builder allows you to sort through the millions of existing LinkedIn users to identify the right person at the right time. Simply type in your search terms, and then twenty different filters can help you sort and organize your results by variables like, “title,” “location,” or “seniority.” These tools help you not only contact one or two organizational leaders, but also creates a clearer picture of the organization’s internal “buying committee”—the people who hold the purse strings—and helps you target them more effectively. These searches can be saved, updated, and revisited at a later time. From there, those queries can be further refined by filters like LinkedIn activity, recent employment changes, new online mentions, and more. Once you find the ideal contact, you simply save them as a lead and can revisit their information again when the time is right. This modern-day contact list saves you time and money by refining the lead-identification process into an easily navigated, recalled, and activated engine.

But finding the ideal contact is just the first step in the sales process. Even after identifying that ideal lead, you still have to get your foot in the door. It’s one thing to make a cold call or to show up out of nowhere, but we all know that often times knowing the right people is all you need to get in the door. That’s where Team Link comes in. Team Link identifies everyone within your LinkedIn network that may have an existing relationship with your latest lead, giving you a clear opening to a warm introduction. You simply identify that shared point of contact, reach out to your colleague, and request an introduction.

Lead Builder and Team Link are more than just tools inside the LinkedIn Sales Navigator toolbox, they’re the latest evolution in personalized social selling. With the ability to make smarter contacts, faster, these resources are at your disposal to transform your sales strategy without having to trudge through the chain of command. For a further look into LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the future of social selling, don’t miss our other posts in this series, including our experience with PointDrive, and an inside look at making the most of your next InMail message. Until then, join us at Microsoft in Marketing and don’t forget to sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator today.

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