Microsoft in Health

Empowering health professionals and partners with the right technology to improve patient care and help save lives.

Office 365 Usage Kit

Office 365 transforms the way health professionals get work done. Get a jump start on learning how to be more efficient, collaborate with your care teams, and improve quality of care with the usage kit.

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Health IT Priorities

Providing the best patient care possible while controlling costs is a core healthcare challenge. Microsoft and our partners can meet that challenge by helping your health organization maximize productivity with your existing resources and IT technology. We can also forge new pathways to help health professionals deliver care outside clinical settings, make meaningful insights and decisions based on health data, and make health information both more accessible to those who need it and more secure from threats.

Microsoft works with health organizations, communities, and partners around the world to help realize this goal. Microsoft and partner solutions help you connect people, processes, and information to advance collaboration and make insightful decisions. At Microsoft, we support everyone's efforts to move health forward, and we're committed to working together to deliver a real impact for a better tomorrow.


Care Team Productivity

Provide care teams with easy ways to communicate, collaborate and improve productivity to ultimately enhance care efficiency and outcomes.

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Cloud in Health

The demand for cloud solutions is clear. Today’s organizations are looking for more agility, easier management, and access to more capacity to enable them to handle increased demands without increasing costs. Health organizations can benefit from Microsoft’s industry-leading approach to security, privacy, and compliance while minimizing cost and complexity.

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Advanced Analytics for Health

Health analytics solutions from Microsoft and our partners can give everyone in a health organization powerful new ways to work with data. They can empower health professionals to glean actionable insights from the mountains of data that patient care can generate.

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Clinical Mobility

Enable health professionals to spend less time navigating technology and more time caring for their patients. Microsoft can provide a seamless experience that gives clinicians and other health professionals the information they need on a single, clinical-grade device.

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