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Engage your customers

The customer has more power than ever before. Microsoft can help you turn this situation into an opportunity for growth by transforming from an asset-focused to a customer-centric organisation.


Connected field service

Deliver intelligent, world-class field service – including scheduling, mobile and resource optimisation – while maximising efficiency and minimising costs. The Microsoft Connected Field Service solution helps you move from a costly break-fix model to a proactive and predictive service model. With the inclusion of IoT and machine learning capabilities, we are helping companies prepare for the service economy.

Mobile worker

Empower your workforce with devices and productivity solutions for user or process-defined collaboration specific to their business and operational needs –extending from cross-functions within the organisation to value-chain and cross-industrial sectors and regions.

Automotive customer experience management

Automotive customer experience management Deploy consistent processes across all channels; unite data to provide a single, 360-degree view of the customer and provide insight across all data to facilitate better decision making.

Connected consumer devices

Deliver context-specific rich consumer experiences and services. The Microsoft Connected Consumer Devices solution enables product manufacturers to deliver transformative customer experiences, taking advantage of advanced technology innovations around IoT, big data, social, cloud, mobility and natural user interfaces.

Connected operations

Empower your employees to engage with your customers 1:1 so you can transform your products, optimise your operations and find new sources of revenue.

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