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ShepHertz’s back-end solution leads from the front with Azure

By Enterprise Team on August 5, 2016

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“Partnering with Microsoft is not only just a transaction deal but a strategic move for ShepHertz.”
-Siddhartha Chandurkar
ShepHertz Technologies

Business Needs

Imagine being stuck in the office on an urgent deliverable, and your favorite shopping app begins constantly bombarding you with offers on things you will never buy. You are likely to block all further notifications, delete the app, and avoid any further engagement. The biggest challenge app developers face is encouraging further buy-in to their product.

In a market where indie developers and large enterprises are struggling to make their apps viable, it helps when someone like ShepHertz Technologies has your back. Quite literally. The cloud computing platform service provider, founded in Delhi in 2010, offers comprehensive back-end solutions to over 31,000 apps worldwide. Powered by Microsoft Azure, it is a one-stop shop for mobile, Web, social, SaaS, TV and gaming app developers’ cloud needs.

Founder and CEO Siddhartha Chandurkar says, “With our flagship product, App42, which was built by a developer, for a developer, ShepHertz is able to provide complete back-end solutions for a small developer or a large enterprise.”

ShepHertz’s pre-built services take care of the back-end so that developers can focus on the User Interface (UI) at the front end. This mean that apps can be developed as quickly as 3 months. This is essential to stay competitive in a market of 2 million apps. Earlier, apps would take a year to develop and the race would already have been lost.

“Our products help developers go to market faster. Apps today are developed for the omni-channel environment, whether it is for mobile, Facebook, etc. There is a need for a platform that can support all channels,” explains Chandurkar. This is where ShepHertz’s products have an edge, as they cater to large enterprises, while staying true to smaller independent developers.

Another advantage is ShepHertz’s partnership with Microsoft, which has also grown exponentially in the past 2 months. A stable of battle-tested products and the security and stability associated with the Microsoft brand has helped in bringing bigger customers on board for ShepHertz, including ABP News and one of the country’s top airlines.

Today, only about 1% of apps retain customers and are successful. Apps generate a lot of data that needs to be managed. If an app has 2 million users, it usually generates a billion data points reflecting user behaviour. Solutions like App42 manage the information and turn it into actionable data.
Actionable analysis becomes more crucial when you consider that a customer today cannot be directed to buy only on one device. Since they may browse on one device and buy from another, there has to be a continuous flow of information. Two leading shopping sites in India wanted to convert to app-only shopping, but they backtracked because it was not possible to track user behavior using only the app.


The launch of Microsoft’s India datacenter will further enhance this experience, making it far more responsive, as it will resolve latency issues.
Chandurkar cites an example to explain the relevance of the India datacenter. “If you type, you are re-directed to This means there is a replication and we are routed to the closest server available due to latency. If the server is not in India, the latency increases. If an app has maximum customers in India, getting the data from an offshore server will not make sense for business.”
ShepHertz runs a map reducer bundle on Azure, which gets the user data in real time and gives it to the marketer. This actionable analytics ShepHertz provides tells developers what actions to take, to retain and even retrieve users. With the help of geo tagging, a customer can be given an offer, based on his or her location, which will enhance engagement. The ShepHertz’s solution, for which Azure provides all the infrastructure needs/services, is doing well in creating this seamless omni-channel experience.

Chandurkar describes ShepHertz’s relationship with Microsoft: “Microsoft’s platform complements our solutions perfectly. The support from Microsoft has also been phenomenal. From a business perspective, when any attention was required, we had a response in a day’s time. The right people are always deployed for a task. Microsoft sells through partners who have been very supportive.” He cites the example of Microsoft partners Crayon and CloudGarage who delivered the server and provided support.


Unparalleled support
ShepHertz is leveraging Azure’s big data solutions to get the real-time user data, which it supplies to marketers. Azure provides all the infrastructure needs/service ShepHertz requires.

The launch of Indian DC will resolve all latency issues that ShepHertz’s customers face. Additionally, its presence on the India datacenter will eliminate concerns and regulatory restrictions regarding data sovereignty.

Business growth
Although ShepHertz gets organic leads, the association with the Microsoft brand has helped increase their sales leads. ShepHertz exposure at the international level was also boosted with the opportunity to present their products at various Microsoft BFSI sales meets.

Future plans

ShepHertz’ solution is vertical-agnostic and works across BFSI- security, insurance, IT, retail etc. or large consumer apps. The launch of the India datacenter will allow ShepHertz to venture into verticals that were previously restricted owing to regulatory requirements.

Microsoft is also developing an app called InTouch that will use the ShepHertz solution. In addition, with every buy in to a Microsoft Azure plan (25k, 50k, and 100k), ShepHertz products will be bundled up as a free tie up for promotion. Chandurkar says that the partnership with Microsoft is not merely transactional in nature, but a “strategic move for Microsoft.”

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