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Reach your sales targets by avoiding these presentation fails

By Adrian Alleyne, Digital Storyteller on 12/02/2016

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“A camel is a horse designed by a committee” – Sir Alec Issigonis

Granted, you’re probably not selling camels. But if you’re involved in any sort of complex selling, you’ve probably had to use more than your fair share of them. If you’re like most sales people, the most common staple in your arsenal of sales tools is a well-designed presentation. It’s often the main vehicle by which you consolidate your thoughts to communicate the benefits of your product or service to prospects.

In many organisations, though, the path from what a product does to how it really benefits your prospective client goes through many hands: from a development group, to a product team, to the marketing department to you. And along the way, as each set of hands puts its own spin on the story, you end up with a presentation designed by committee. You end up with a camel.

Microsoft has teamed up with the presentation experts Eyeful Presentations to help sales people, amongst others, get rid of their camels*. Using the principles of their highly-acclaimed book The Presentation Lab, we’ve developed a series of short webinars designed to help you take your presentations to a whole new level of quality and impact.

In this first webinar in the series, we’ll look at some of the most common hurdles that cause presentations to fail. With the new skills you’ll pick up from this webinar, along with the newest features in Office 365’s update of PowerPoint and Sway, we’ll help turn your camel into a sales thoroughbred racehorse.

*No camels were harmed in the making of this blog.

Part 1 of 4: Introducing the Presentation Lab
In the first episode of the series, we’ll look at how to overcome the three biggest obstacles to presentation success, and start you thinking about the insights, processes and ideas that can turn bad presentations into more captivating and engaging experiences for your audience.
Watch Part 1 of 4: Introducing the Presentation LabWatch Part 1 of 4: Introducing the Presentation Lab

Use this Sway to critically review and grade your own presentation.

Watch the rest of our webinar series.



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