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How great presentations help you engage with your audience

By Adrian Alleyne, Digital Storyteller on 22/02/2016

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If there’s any group within an organisation that should appreciate how to make great presentations, it’s marketing. After all, it’s the department most responsible for understanding the needs of a target audience and articulating a solution.

Yet if you think back to presentations given by folks in your marketing team, have they consistently hit the mark? More often than not, marketers fall into the same trap that the rest of us do, creating presentations that don’t really speak to the audience as they should, and you end up with, to use the old fable, a case of a cobbler with no shoes.

In Part 2 of our four-part webinar series, Microsoft and Eyeful Presentations provide a guide that can be used to help anyone create great presentations. If you’re a marketer, though, these tips are particularly useful as they serve as good reminders of marketing fundamentals.

In this section of the webinar, you’ll delve into three key aspects of connecting with your audience: emphasising the factual, emotional and visionary. You’ll also get a better sense of how to set objectives to identify the must-have, the intended and like to have outcomes for your presentations.

Part 2 of 4: Thinking differently
In the second episode of the series, we’ll look at how to connect with your audience focusing on three key areas of engagement: factual, emotional and visionary.
Watch Part 2 of 4: Thinking differentlyWatch Part 2 of 4: Thinking differently

Use this Sway to draw your audience heat map.

Use this Sway to ensure your message comes across.

Watch the rest of our webinar series.

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