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Milliman Uses Hybrid Cloud for Actuarial Innovation

By Microsoft UK Enterprise Team on 07/06/2016

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Milliman is one of the world’s largest actuarial consulting firms spanning insurance, pensions, employee benefits, health insurance and investments.  In conceiving their groundbreaking ‘Integrate’ system, the company quickly realized that cloud was the best option to enable them to service as many clients as possible and not have their capability limited by on-premise servers.

The adoption of Microsoft Azure has allowed Milliman to create a hybrid cloud approach, and produce an industry leading product that is already proving to be a huge benefit to their clients.  Producing month-end reports has always been a time consuming task in the industry, Integrate running on Azure has reduced this production time by 90%.  As well as having access to a new, faster and more powerful system, Milliman’s clients now have the ability to power their demand on the system up, or down, as they need and that’s providing huge cost savings. Owing to the immense power of the platform, Milliman is also now looking at new ways to analyse the enormous amount of data that their clients are able to upload to provide them with fresh insights into their customer database together with new ways to read the data and identify risks, all on a much wider scale than was previously possible.

Milliman are delighted that their partnership with Azure is allowing them to provide a real business solution to the actuarial industry based on a common platform that’s used by all their clients and with the infrastructure management provided by Microsoft, it’s allowing Milliman to continue to innovate and to lead their sector.

Watch their story here:

Milliman innovates in the actuarial industry with hybrid cloud
Watch Milliman innovates in the actuarial industry with hybrid cloudWatch Milliman innovates in the actuarial industry with hybrid cloud

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