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Does thinking about presenting make you sick?

By Adrian Alleyne, Digital Storyteller on 29/02/2016

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great technical presenations

If you’re an engineer, a programmer or in some other technical field, it’s easy for you to manage complexity. You can look at ten thousand lines of code in a program or a detailed technical schematic and easily make sense of it.

But if you’re asked to make that into a presentation, and deliver it to an audience –specifically a non-technical audience, and there’s a high likelihood that your palms will start sweating and your stomach will start to go queasy.

An equally nerve-wracking experience: having to turn over your highly-technical information to sales or marketing and expecting them translate that information into a cogent and accurate presentation. Instead of nausea, though, you may go through the five stages of grief as you have to watch what was once so clear and simple (to you) into a jumbled mess of incoherent fluff.

The good news is, you don’t have to go through either illness or grief when thinking about how to produce a presentation. In part 3 of our four-part webinar series, Microsoft and Eyeful Presentations provide a guide that can be used to help anyone create great presentations. We’ll take a closer look at how to turn dense and complex information into engaging and compelling stories, and how to collaborate with others who may be involved in the presentation process.

Part 3 of 4: Acting differently
In the third episode of the series, we’ll look at how to engage your audience with compelling stories and collaborate with colleagues for better results.
Watch Part 3 of 4: Acting differentlyWatch Part 3 of 4: Acting differently

Use this Sway to create a compelling story for your audience

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