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Smaller Cities

As a smaller city leader, you’re tasked with addressing emerging demands and even greater citizen expectations – within constrained budgets and while working across disconnected agencies. Microsoft CityNext can create a bridge that spans where your city is today and where you want to take it tomorrow. Find a Partner >



Across departments, and for cities as a whole, managing operations represents a series of complex decisions. As a savvy civic leader, you can combine everyday tools with robust analytics to empower city workers with real-time insights—helping them reach confident conclusions faster.

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Making sense of customer data in retail

"Retailers are increasingly using innovative technologies to manage customer data, gaining a deep understanding of the customer across channels that informs everything from customer loyalty…

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Cloud platform

Adopt a cloud platform approach, and your city has the potential to deliver essential services more efficiently, reduce capital expenses, and cut operational costs. And as your city grows, your cloud platform can scale easily to accommodate it.

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Collaboration and productivity

City agencies like yours recognize that more work gets done when people come together in teams to solve challenges. Enable your teams to work cost-effectively from virtually any location, anytime, on virtually any device, creating dynamic networks among city workers at all levels and the people you serve. (An appropriate device, Internet connection, and supported browser and/or carrier network connectivity are required. Data charges may apply. Microsoft solutions may not support all devices at the…

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Today, mobility and the proliferation of personal devices blend how your agency and citizens work and live. A mobile computing platform can help remove geographic boundaries—and the need for your staff to remain anchored to a desk.

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