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Healthier Cities

Microsoft CityNext empowers you to improve the health of your communities and citizens with solutions that span population health, primary care, remote care, case management and social benefits administration.


Pandemic management

Cities, municipalities, and entire regions are increasingly confronted with healthcare crises—including influenza virus outbreaks, foodborne illness, and more—that require epidemic and pandemic management. Microsoft CityNext solutions help local governments meet these challenges by taking advantage of a diverse partner network and a platform that includes cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies.

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Personal health and wellness

Cities are facing a rising tide of health threats such as mental health issues, obesity, alcohol abuse, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and stress. These threats, combined with employment challenges and demographic shifts, significantly affect quality of life as well as the economic well-being of communities. Powered by resources including a diverse partner network, cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies, Microsoft CityNext solutions help governments create innovative solutions that improve public health.

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Population health management care

Increasingly, patients expect to receive personalized care at the point of need, anytime and anywhere. To meet patient expectations as well as rein in costs, cities and health systems can take advantage of the Microsoft CityNext ecosystem of global partners and cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies. Microsoft CityNext solutions help cities, municipalities, and regional governments deliver coordinated care in more ways and places—whether at home, in community centers, or in the workplace.

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Primary care

Primary care services play a basic role in citizens' health because they are the principal point of contact for general care and for obtaining referrals to specialists. Microsoft CityNext solutions—which draw on a platform of cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies—can help local governments and health networks improve service delivery.

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Remote care and case management

Cities are under pressure to not only improve health services for everyone, but to provide targeted support for specific populations. To create more tailored services, local governments need to analyze social determinants such as environment, resource distribution, social structure, and education.

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Social benefits and administration

Administration processes for social services are still often bogged down by manual processes such as managing paper-based forms that contribute to long wait times. However, local governments of any size can improve efficiency with Microsoft CityNext solutions that automate manual processes and streamline workflow.

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