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Digital Transformation and your data

By Adrian Alleyne, Digital Storyteller on 14/12/2016

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Digital transformation is a theme we’ve been exploring a lot lately. The more I look at the subject, the more I realise just how far reaching a theme it is. Virtually every industry is being transformed – either as slow incremental evolution or sudden metamorphosis – by digital technology. From a farmer in sub-Saharan Africa, to a teenager shopping online in China, to an aerospace engineer in Latin America, the impact of digital transformation is truly global. Over the coming months, I’ll be focusing on some of the drivers (both the technology and the people) of this transformation, but to kick off this series, I wanted to start with a sneak peak of an interview I conducted with Chris Capossela, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft on how Marketing is being transformed.

In this excerpt, Chris talks about a key component – some would say the currency – of digital transformation: your data. He touches on data residency and our UK Data Centre; he also discusses what it takes to have both a global footprint, and the ability to secure the data no matter where it resides.

Watch Microsoft CMO, Chris Capossela, discuss data and digital transformation

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