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Bringing the data-driven revolution to water companies

By Microsoft UK Enterprise Team

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Turn on digital transformation

Turn on digital transformation.

We can help you bring your people, data and processes together in transformative new ways to deliver actionable business insights. When all your decisions are powerfully data-driven, timely and pre-emptive you’ll be able to invest wisely for the future, while keeping things running smoothly right now. Because that, after all, is what your business is all about.

  • Create better products and develop lucrative new revenue streams
  • Improve customer experiences by understanding and serving customers better
  • Optimize operations to maximize revenue and profit
  • Empower your employees, increasing their productivity and cutting cost

Genscape is fuelling growth

“Typical solutions can constrain the art of the possible. We can grab everything we would have wanted five years ago and at marginal cost.”

Albert Hofeldt, Ph.D., Managing Director of Platform Services, Genscape.


New ‘Systems of Intelligence’ drive it all.

Driving this transformed new way of working are systems of intelligence, powered by all sorts of innovative Internet of Things technologies, real-time sensors and considered new processes. These enable four powerful and complementary approaches to analytics which together help you to run your plant better today, while planning for tomorrow.

What’s happened?
Descriptive analytics help you capture, aggregate, plot, highlight and present data.

Why did it happen?
Diagnostic analytics suggest plausible explanations and unearth hidden correlations.

What might happen next?
Predictive analytics forecast and predict outcomes intelligently classifying insights and actions.

What should I do?
Prescriptive analytics advise on the best actions to take, making smart recommendations.

Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency is optimising energy costs with Microsoft Enterprise Services

“We are able to quickly and cost-effectively connect and present big data from industrial IoT devices for remote monitoring, analysis and control.”

Steve Raschke, CEO of agency partner Candi Controls. 


Swap retro-active thinking for forward-looking new strategies.

Infrastructure resilience
Ensure security of supply

  • See and stop current leaks and blockages
  • Predict and stop future incidents
  • Deliver predictive maintenance and improve scheduling
  • Start actively planning for resilience

Happy customers
Enrich the customer experience

  • Monitor social channels and sentiment in real time
  • Respond fast to customer needs and manage complaints
  • Deliver smarter billing and improved brand experiences
  • Cross-sell services and increase revenue

Competitive operations
Succeed in changing markets

  • Understand flow rates and blockages
  • Act fast and smart to rectify issues
  • Automate the smart deployment of engineers and jobs to drive up efficiency
  • Plan for changing compliance and maintenance needs

Proactive management
Predict events and respond faster

  • Gain one view across plants, employees, customers and more
  • Connect to great 3rd party feeds like weather and satellite data
  • Judge where field crews are most needed
  • Reduce events though better maintenance

Rolls Royce is transforming customer service with Microsoft Enterprise Services

“Microsoft [is] helping us filter the signal from the noise across large data sets, so we can focus on finding the real value in the data.”

Nick Farrant, Senior Vice President, Rolls-Royce.


Art meets science.

Many of the world’s most respected data scientists and architects work for us, including Dr. Matthew Smith and our Chief Technology Officer, Pete Mellish. They bring the art and science of complex data algorithms together to reimagine predictive modelling – supported by Microsoft’s R&D division, deep sector experience, visibility into global best practices.

 Meet Pete: Disruptor and re-inventor

As Microsoft Enterprise Services CTO for Manufacturing, Utilities and Services, Pete Mellish brings a wealth of experience from across Microsoft to bear on one question: how to disrupt and reinvent business. He loves to challenge the status quo, unravel customer challenges and drive rapid transformation.

 A simple 5-week engagement is all it takes.

We’ll evaluate your business goals and give you a clear view of the impact you can achieve.

eSmart Systems is delivering smart grid management

“The new sensors monitor on a microsecond-level, and that’s a lot of data. What we’re doing now…is connecting all of that data together and providing grid managers with a single user interface for all of their tasks.”

Knut Johansen, CEO at eSmart Systems.

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