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Making sense of an unpredictable General Election in 2017

By Microsoft UK Social Engagement Manager on 22/08/2017

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It’s fair to say the General Election 2017 didn’t go according to plan. In the lead up to 8th June 2017, many anticipated a more Strong and Stable political institution (especially, the Conservatives) and few believed voters would get behind a Better, Fairer Britain. But if we’ve learned anything in politics recently, it’s to expect the unexpected.

With the impending Brexit negotiations on the horizon and the highest voter turnout in decades – approximately 69% of the registered population voted – this would be the UK’s most engaging general election in years. But what were the factors that contributed to such an unexpected result?

The political dust has settled, so we took a closer look at what UK voters had to say, including how they felt, where they were most engaged and how they shared their views. Using our Microsoft Social Engagement tool (part of Dynamics 365), we discovered 1.3 million social posts mentioning General Election, #GE17, #GE2017 and June 8th. That presented a great opportunity to gain insight into the public’s behaviour for the week.

We looked at their location, their overall sentiment, sources used and took a deeper dive into the main five political parties. So, which party did the public engage with the most online? Who had the most positive and negative interactions? And did #dogsatpollingstations get more mentions?





Take a look at the findings in the infographic here





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