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The Sit-Down: Microsoft CMOs talk about Digital Transformation

By Adrian Alleyne, Digital Storyteller on 06/03/2017

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We’re testing out a new recurring feature here on the Microsoft UK Enterprise site: the sit-down. This weekly conversation is intended to provide insights from senior leadership on a variety of topics from advanced analytics to zero day exploits and everything in-between.

This week, we’re fortunate to sit down with not one, but two of Microsoft’s marketing leaders. We start the conversation with Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Capossela. As EVP & CMO, Chris leads Microsoft’s worldwide marketing and consumer business. This includes advertising, brand, communications, and research as well as Microsoft’s retail stores.

We continue the sit-down with Scott Allen, CMO for Microsoft UK. Scott leads Microsoft’s consumer and commercial marketing, integrated with the marketing services centre of excellence here in the UK. In our discussion, Scott looks at digital transformation and the challenges of modern marketing from a uniquely UK perspective.

Chris Capossela talks the Cloud, Digital Transformation and Return on Failure

Chris talks about the way that the cloud is touching every aspect of what senior business leaders care about when they think about running a business. This includes key issues such as data security, customer engagement and our evolving relationship with technology as a society. He also talks about the importance of digital storytelling, analytics, and the way we learn to listen to customers in an increasingly digital world.  My favourite parts of our conversation: the role of the cloud in accelerating return on failure and Chris’ view of the growth mindset at Microsoft.

Watch the full conversation here:

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Scott Allen Discusses Marketing and Digital Transformation in the UK

While Chris discussed marketing from a more global perspective, Scott focuses on how digital transformation is impacting marketing and business here in the UK. This includes what it means to lead a marketing organisation in an increasingly digital environment, how ready we are for digital transformation in the UK, and how to develop the right marketing team to make the most of digital transformation. Two things that were particularly interesting to me. First, was the discussion of how marketers to stay relevant amidst ever-increasing customer expectations and channels of communication. Second was the conversation about the evolving marketing skill sets needed by teams the implications for creating the right collaborative environment.

Watch our full discussion here:

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