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Sustainable Cities

Microsoft CityNext helps improve your city’s sustainability with solutions that span energy, water, building energy management, transportation, resource efficiency, and ecosystem services.


Asset and fleet management

Public transportation is a critical service provided by cities, and buses are the most common form of conveyance. Managing bus operations is a daunting task, whether its small fleets with hundreds of buses or thousands of vehicles. Microsoft CityNext helps local governments transform operations and infrastructure to drive efficiencies up and operational costs down.

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Auckland Transport

Transport agency helps city handle massive growth with capital projects management solution.

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Carbon management

With multiple diverse systems to monitor, managing carbon footprints on a citywide scale is always challenging. However, data collection and analysis are particularly important for members of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group ( C40), a network of more than 75 megacities. C40 and others are part of an accelerating global movement described in the 2013 Analysis on cities from the Carbon Disclosure project.

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Autolib' Metropole

French cities cut drivers costs by 90 percent with intelligent car-sharing solution

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Parcel, zoning, and land use

Cities must adopt sustainable ways to meet the demands of urbanization. This requires effective urban planning, which needs collaboration between multiple stakeholders, including environmental groups, developers, engineers, civic leaders, and citizens. For constructive discussions, stakeholders not only need access to information, they also need easy ways to visualize design proposals. And the design proposal is just a starting point; they need to be able to see the potential effects of a multitude of social, environmental,…

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City of Brampton

The City wanted to make it easier for citizens to find information and engage with public services.

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