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CAE transforms patient safety with Hololens

By Janet Kennedy, President, Microsoft Canada on March 22, 2017

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CAE is a global leader that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with HoloLens. They recently launched VimedixAR, an ultrasound simulator that uses HoloLens to transform the way doctors, ultrasound technicians and students visualize complex organs, like the heart and lungs. The goal with this technology is to improve patient safety and outcomes. Learn more about the VimedixAR solution here.

Technology – specifically the cloud, collaboration tools, artificial intelligence and mixed reality – are central to healthcare transformation, a transformation that is already happening in Canada. We are excited to be the trusted partner to help Canadian healthcare organizations through their transformation. It is a market that is ripe for innovation and companies that can take advantage of this opportunity have the potential not only to impact the industry, but also generate tangible results for the Canadian economy as a whole.

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