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It Starts In The City

By Jeff Friedman on September 21, 2015

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Cities have always been complex environments that bring together just about everything a society has to offer. Commerce, research, and social change all happen here. Within our cities, officials are tasked with keeping their citizens safe and maintaining business, which are cornerstones of a city’s success as people want to live and work in a place that is safe and thriving.

One of the main underlying challenges that many cities face is a lack of communication between stakeholders. While individual groups—policy makers, firefighters, police, and city planners—do an excellent job, details can fall through the cracks and a city itself can be left ill-prepared to deal with incidents and events when these groups do not communicate with one another.

To help our cities meet their 21st century challenges, we are excited to announce Citywise™, the new city-focused initiative from Genetec.

The Citywise initiative provides a platform for discussions that are relevant to the safety, growth, and vibrancy of the world’s cities. It brings together policy makers, city planners, police & fire chiefs, city administrators, mayors and business leaders to have meaningful conversations about everything from work design and city focused project funding to operational policies and business processes.

The goal for Citywise is to help stakeholders develop a clear sense of how to move their cities forward. We’ve already held preliminary discussions across North America, and, in the coming months, we’ll be holding other Citywise events in new locations, including Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Montreal, St Louis, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto.

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