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Work smarter by automating the repetitive

By Lily Oxenham, Senior Product Marketing Manager on September 15, 2016

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No one likes extremely repetitive work—neither employers nor employees! From an employer perspective, it represents both inefficiency and an opportunity for human error. And for employees, it takes up time and energy that could otherwise be spent on developing skills to remain relevant in the modern economy.

So it’s time to ask yourself: Do you or your teams spend an endless number of hours on updating plans, communicating changes and producing reports? If so, then it’s time to start working smarter rather than harder!

Free up time for value-adding work and collaborate more effectively

Technology is a productivity-enabler that empowers teams be both more efficient via the automation of simple (but time-intensive and repetitive) tasks and more effective through increased transparency coming from real-time updates and collaboration.

Take for instance this excerpt in Forrester’s report on ‘The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Office 365 PPM’, which outlines how organizations have increased their throughput by adopting a cloud solution that can automate reporting: Project Online.

“Prior to Office 365 PPM, the PMs were spending 45 minutes every week producing time summary plans and other milestone reports. With Office 365 PPM, these reports could be generated in seconds, saving an average of 39 hours per PM per year.”

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 At the same time, publishing Projects and enabling team members to directly update tasks in the same solution environment provides everyone with the most current information, which contributes towards improving alignment and creating accountability through transparency. So instead of chasing people over email for updates and making manual adjustments to schedules, team leads will be freed up for more value-adding activities like managing risks.


Not to mention how real-time, actionable insights from shared dashboards enable team members—whether a project manager, individual contributor or executive sponsor—to play an active part in achieving success!

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