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Public Safety & National Security

Microsoft digitally enables public safety and justice organisations by embracing the disruptive force of technology, empowering every member of every organisation to focus on prevention and protection in an effort to deliver more impactful outcomes for the people they serve and protect.


Engage the citizens you protect

Public safety and justice organisations that work with Microsoft and our global partner ecosystem can work seamlessly with citizens and use collaborative tools and data insights to make more informed decisions and deliver more impactful actions that better protect the people they serve.

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Enable your service personnel

Microsoft re-imagines productivity to help all public safety and justice workers to do more and achieve more anywhere, at any time, on any device. Critical requirements necessitate the right device, available with the right software, in support of the security and productivity regulations of public safety and justice scenarios.

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Optimise your operations in public safety

Enable dynamic multi-tiered command decision making through real-time, actionable intelligence; enablement of concurrent alert and data correlation; and facilitation of cross-agency collaboration using public, private and hybrid cloud solutions that increase efficiency, scale and simplification.

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Transform your services

Enable dynamic, multi-tiered command decision making with a solution that allows uniformed law enforcement personnel and command staff to quickly and accurately analyse and visualise data, including video. Discover information, patterns and trends that drive more informed decisions and more effective planning to better the safety and security of citizens and communities.

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