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Microsoft technology transforms the mining industry

By on August 21, 2017

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A Microsoft Digital Transformation Story

Transforming quality of life with technology

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Global facilities management giant Sodexo, whose aim is to be the Quality of Life Services brand, has begun a world leading major digital transformation initiative that is rapidly changing the face of the facilities management industry.

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We interview Paul Bean, Head of Mining (APAC) about his vision of Digital Transformation in the mining industry.

Sodexo transforming quality of life with technology

In the past Sodexo relied on a plethora of standalone computing systems which were not integrated. Sodexo’s transformation embracing cloud computing, the internet of things and advanced analytics is already saving tens of millions of dollars through efficiency gains. This is only possible with a clear understanding of what’s going on under the hood. To ensure the successful delivery of the suite of different, but related services Sodexo requires a sophisticated and integrated information platform as its digital foundation.

Technology transforms

By transitioning to Azure and Dynamics 365 Sodexo now has flexible, scalable access to a completely integrated information system.

Applying Dynamics 365 Field Services has had a significant impact on Sodexo’s ability to make profitable decisions.

With a single integrated collection of core data there is complete transparency and accuracy that would be difficult to achieve from siloed systems. Azure and Dynamics 365 is accessible by anyone authorised, from anywhere, at anytime.


Efficiencies and impact

In terms of the overall business impact Paul Bean, CEO, Mining says the digital transformation is delivering productivity and efficiency benefits. “We have more empirical views of how we are actually operating. The system is a component that enables those savings and efficiencies to be made – it’s not the only component but it is an important component and it’s the difference to me from being able to make a 10 per cent saving and a 15-20 per cent saving for a client.

Offering the example of mining companies operating in Australia’s remote regions, Bean says that the technology platform is providing granular insights allowing operations to be optimised. Mining often requires labour forces to be flexed at various times, and that has an impact on associated supply and logistics.

In the past however it has been difficult to optimise Sodexo’s mine service operations. Now Bean says; “The system allows relative predictability,” permitting Sodexo and its clients to optimise operations and the cost base.

“It gives you absolute certainty of the impact of change and the impact on cost,” he says.

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