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Agricultural innovation with Microsoft technology

By on July 18, 2017

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A future where decisions are based on data

Imagine a life on the land where objective data informs every decision. Farmers no longer need to rely solely on their intuition, or chance the weather, when deciding to plant crops, irrigate the soil or control pests. Instead, they are free to run their enterprise from anywhere in the world, taking cues from in-field intelligence that is collected by robots, sensors and drones, and sent directly to their smartphone. In a world where the internet is ever-present and connectivity covers the farm, all aspects of production can be measured and optimised.

To learn more about how Microsoft is inspiring digital transformation on Australian farms, download our FREE agriculture e-book.

Microsoft’s commitment to digital transformation within Australian agriculture begins with our trusted, flexible and open cloud platform. Our services span the full spectrum of business needs, including big data and advanced analytics tools, greater mobility for field personnel, and enhanced productivity and collaboration capabilities.

We work with leading systems integrators and independent software vendors with domain knowledge in agriculture to bring the most innovative solutions to market.

Advance computing logoAdvance Computing combines farming know-how with expertise in technology and systems integration, to maximise intelligence and efficiency of how farms work.

Though agribusiness is a strong and profitable sector here in Australia, waste is a major issue, and too many agribusinesses operate with limited visibility over their supply chain. This can result in eroding margins, the loss of key customers, and unnecessary labour costs.

Download the whitepaper to learn how technology can drive greater insight, maximise productivity and minimise waste, or contact 03 5852 3122


Maia Technology logoThe team at Maia Technology helps farmers improve production and profitability in a sustainable way.

Maia Technology was founded in 2014 by a team of agriculture and IT professionals who are passionate about harnessing technology to benefit farmers and the land. The business is focused on helping farmers improve production and profitability in a sustainable way, by making it easy to use data to make better decisions.

Our first product, MaiaGrazing is an online grazing management system, which helps farmers maximise their pastures and profits in the good times and reduces risks when it’s tough. It enables farmers to make better pasture management decisions by capturing land, animal and rainfall information and providing an instant, real-time update on the farm’s current and projected feed and stock position.

Maia Technology has also created an ‘ecosystem’ where third parties can collaborate to create their own apps using the Maia platform and data captured via MaiaGrazing, enabling a truly integrated and comprehensive solution for all graziers.

Sign up for a free trial or demonstration or contact Colin Feilen on 0413 697 722


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