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Engage your customers

Put customers first with technology that engages at a personal level. Microsoft offers solutions to collect and understand customer behaviors and respond with offers and experiences that are personal, engaging, and relevant. Customers respond best to offers that are personal and relevant, leading to increased promotional effectiveness, higher conversion, and larger basket size. Personalization can be delivered through location-aware mobile devices, targeted email marketing, and personalized online shopping.


Modern point of sale and service

Use every point of sale and service to better understand and serve your customers. Bring “born in the web” technology, like click-stream data and streaming analytics, onto properties to provide real-time, personalized offers that enable great shopping experiences and drive quantifiable increases in traffic, conversion, basket size, promotional effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and profitability.


Personalize the guest experience by giving your customers what they want at the right time and place. The data you own, combined with public and purchased data gathered from IoT devices, can give you a competitive advantage. Knowing what products and services the customer will buy enables you to optimize the supply chain and inventories, and drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Connected Room

Meet the greater demand for a more flexible and personalized guest experience across all aspects of the guest journey. The Microsoft Connected Room solution lets you meet the specific needs of guests—from entertainment to environmental preferences—in a streamlined manner. It also enables insights into the room environment for proactive maintenance, increases revenue per room, and delivers brand loyalty.

Multichannel content management

Use a mix of digital channels and methods to proactively listen, learn, and engage in order to influence purchase behavior and grow customer satisfaction. Microsoft and partner solutions help companies maximize consumer listening, learning, messaging, and interaction wherever they are—and get smarter based on continual learnings to anticipate and meet needs.

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