The Evolution of Finance Demands Technical Capabilities to Match by Forrester Research

Read the Microsoft commissioned study by Forrester Research that profiles finance professionals and evaluates the evolution of finance function towards more strategic objectives of driving performance, assessing risk and accelerating growth as well as the delta between current technology capabilities and those these professionals require in order to effectively perform their jobs.

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Drive Performance
Drive Corporate Strategy & Growth
Assess & Manage Risk

As a modern finance leader you need to monitor the pulse of your business with a holistic view of all important information in a single place. You need to collect data from across various sources like Excel spreadsheets, web analytics, databases, and CRM systems and bring that data to life in seconds through personalized dashboards, workspaces and reports that can help you make the right data-driven decisions with your key business metrics. Microsoft offers you business intelligence tools, like Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics, Azure Machine learning and Cortana Analytics to help you not only get deeper business insights but also ability to anticipate business needs moving finance professionals from controllership to stewardship.


Business intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning

Turn data into meaningful insights to drive your enterprise. With powerful business intelligence and ERP solutions, you can get deeper insights and make smarter, more strategic decisions faster and with greater impact.

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The pace of business is faster than ever and finance leaders understand the importance of agility when responding to a changing business landscape. To compete, companies must be nimble enough to rapidly address changing market conditions without the need for major capital expenditures or complex communications. Microsoft offers you solutions to manage complexity and drive business agility by connecting people, operations, and partners. We offer you options to deploy your resources using cloud technology — public, private or hybrid — to give you the scalability to accelerate business transformation and spending transparency needed to run a modern, lean, responsive business.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and IoT

ERP and IoT solutions are at the center of driving agile planning and responsive actions across most finance organizations. With a modern, flexible platform to streamline and unite processes across the enterprise and ERP systems that are connected with IoT solutions finance professionals can make more informed decisions and quickly respond to help foster business growth.

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From controllership risks to external security risks, technology is now emerging as a key resource for finance executives eager to proactively identify potential issues that can then be managed without disrupting the flow of their business. Microsoft Cloud technologies offer quick, easy, and secure tools that facilitate the transition facing many finance executives: migrating their unique data into the cloud. Our solutions give you one version of the truth so you can anticipate issues, and our collaboration tools help you react to them in real-time across departments, time zones and geographies to control risk. Controlling risk also means driving corporate compliance by empowering employees to take action on ideas and opportunities from almost anywhere on any device. Today’s successful digital CFOs recognize that by empowering their workforce with secure productivity tools they can help their organization tackle anything from anywhere with the built-in security that protects the business.


Productivity, Collaboration and Business Solutions

Microsoft offers organizations that gives them secure business and productivity solutions such as Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft Azure to enable collaboration, deploy business solutions and stay in compliance across departments, time zones and geographies.

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The Evolution of Finance Demands Technical Capabilities to Match by Forrester Research

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