The cloud opens one stadium up to 450 million fans

The Microsoft Cloud enables Real Madrid to provide a unique experience to each fan by delivering what content they want, when they want it, almost anywhere in the world.

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Media and Telco from the Cloud
Mobile Worker
Omni Channel
Customer and Audience Analytics

As a communications service provider, you are increasingly challenged to engage customers anywhere, anytime, across any device, while maintaining brand experience and consistency. You also recognize that innovation is key to attracting and retaining customers. Implementing private cloud for key customers and hybrid cloud services is next on your agenda as you look to modernize your hosting centers. At Microsoft, we enable the provision of superior services, engaging content, and accelerated innovation for future growth. We can help you modernize your hosting and cloud assets, allowing for new ways to manage workloads both for internal consumption and reselling. We offer a high-performance cloud platform and solutions, together with a partner ecosystem, that support operational excellence and deliver improved efficacy, proactive insight, and enhanced collaboration in the cloud.


Media from the cloud

Provision digital over-the-top channels that deliver live events streamed to virtually any device, anywhere, with the power of the Azure cloud. The Microsoft live media solution enables real-time ingest, live cloud-based encoding, storage and automated conversion to VOD assets, cloud-based DVR, and live streaming via CDN to a wide array of TV, PC, and mobile device endpoints. Deliver any media, on virtually any device, anywhere, with the power of the Azure cloud. Create end-to-end media workflows with flexible and highly scalable encoding, packaging, and distribution services using Microsoft Azure Media Services. Very securely upload, store, encode, and package video or audio content for on-demand delivery to a wide array of TV, PC, and mobile device endpoints.


Media infrastructure

Advance your infrastructure, enabling a reliable, scalable, and highly secure content infrastructure. Media in the cloud solutions provide a common video delivery platform for both live streaming and video on demand. The solution enables monetizing the audience experience, protecting IP, and extending brands. This solution also helps to deliver content regardless of target device with automated packaging. It can extend infrastructure to increase capacity, capability, and presence, while allowing a choice of components for building custom media workflows in the cloud.

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Emerging technologies like web and mobility provide an important means of attracting and engaging your employees and customers. By offering personalized, “sticky” services, you can provide unique, interactive, personalized online social and media experiences that will be best positioned to attract and retain new audiences. Content, speed, and access to personal information anytime, anywhere drive user satisfaction. With the growing consumerization of IT and the proliferation of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, you face the challenge of supporting highly secure access to company information, applications, and data from a growing range of devices.


Editorial collaboration

Empower your people to make the most business impact by delivering best-in-class productivity and on-demand collaboration capabilities. Mobile workspace solutions provide a platform that seamlessly connects people with content to integrate and enhance the entire media/publishing process with audiences in a highly secure environment.

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Field service

Microsoft mobile workforce management solutions help you maintain networks, handle installations at customer properties, or respond to faults by providing access to real-time data and LOB applications. Send digital forms to both clients and coworkers, map routes to customer sites, communicate with technical experts, access demos and step-by-step installation instructions, and close out work orders by collecting customer signatures—all from a single device, without returning to the office.

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The growth of OTT-generated traffic places an ever increasing demand on cable networking infrastructure and support systems. You need to invest in mobile network capacity in order to support increasing traffic volumes. You also need to invest in improving customer experience by making network connectivity easy for customers as coverage and data speed help drive customer satisfaction. All this must happen against the backdrop of meeting the changing consumer demand for content consumption by improving service availability and quality.


B2B sales and marketing

Market smarter and sell more effectively. Microsoft solutions for B2B sales and marketing provide social insights and connections that make every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive. With better insights, familiar analytical tools, and visual campaign design, you can deliver amazing customer experiences that will help your business thrive.


Billing / CRM

Support new services and better customer experiences with greater agility and powerful analytics. The Microsoft billing and CRM solution combines a unified agent desktop with process automation and data connectivity across the applications, and delivers a robust set of activity reports that can be used across the organization.

Core Cost Management

Customer service

Provide quality service to compete effectively for market share. With actionable intelligence and a pervasive connection to your people and resources, Microsoft customer service solutions lead to deeper and more valuable customer relationships, through a 360-degree customer view that helps increase loyalty, reduce churn, and create revenue growth through up-sell and cross-sell.

Retail store

Enhance the customer experience to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Microsoft solutions for the retail store help you create a robust and profitable physical retail channel which delivers personalized services and support and emotionally engaging customer experiences. Together with our ecosystem of partners, we offer platform solutions that empower retailers to thrive in today’s competitive environment by enhancing the customer experience, optimizing business operations, engaging employees, gaining business insight, creating seamless omni-channel experiences, and capitalizing on enterprise devices.

Microsoft Store

Whether you are looking for ways to attract customers, improve customer satisfaction, or increase margins through pricing analysis, data insights is the key. CSPs must use data to drive deeper customer engagement and loyalty, optimize business operations, and monetize data for new services. An agile product life cycle allows you to stay on top of changing markets and improve time to market.


Advertising and audience analytics

Make better decisions with today’s data, delivering tactical, operational, and strategic insights to everyone. We offer the most complete and scalable portfolio of storage capabilities for structured, unstructured, and streaming data both on premises and in the cloud. Customers can unleash new value through connecting to data, services, and people outside their organizations, and deliver new insights for all users through familiar tools.

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The cloud opens one stadium up to 450 million fans

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