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Office 365 Usage Kit

Office 365 transforms the way health professionals get work done. Get a jump start on learning how to be more efficient, collaborate with your care teams, and improve quality of care with the usage kit.

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Care team productivity
Clinical mobility
Cloud in health
Advanced analytics for health

Provide care teams with easy ways to communicate, collaborate and improve productivity to ultimately enhance care efficiency and outcomes.


Enable collaboration across care teams

Enhance care team collaboration from all points of care by keeping everyone in sync with live documents and data. Office 365 saves files automatically to the cloud, so notes you make during a home visit can become accessible back at the clinic almost immediately.

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Efficient communication between patients and caregivers

Provide communication tools that allow patients and healthcare providers to communicate before and between visits and allow patients to become more engaged in their healthcare decisions.

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Reach more patients with virtual health

Clinicians can bring enhanced healthcare to remote patients using videoconferencing with Skype for Business, right from within Office.

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Six ways your EMR Is coming up short – and how a CRM system can help

HIMSS Fellow Greg Wolverton and HIMSS Health IT User Experience Committee Chair Lorraine Chapman weigh in on the value of CRMs for EMRs.

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Enable health professionals to spend less time navigating technology and more time caring for their patients. Microsoft can provide a seamless experience that gives clinicians and other digital health professionals the information they need on a single, clinical-grade device.

With over 300,000 in home visits a year, Wit-Gele Kruis needed a seamless solution to improve communication between medical providers and patients. See how they integrated tablets into their existing health infrastructure and discover why they picked Windows 8 to improve patient care. SHOW MORE


For clinicians in hospitals

Grant mobile access to clinical data without sacrificing security. Extend mobile access to EMRs and EKGs on clinicians’ tablets so they can deliver guidance wherever the point of care may be.

For case management in the community

Under pressure to improve care outcomes, meet patient expectations, rein in costs, and better serve changing demographics, digital health systems can use an array of clinical-grade devices and mobile solutions to deliver coordinated care in homes, community centers, and the workplace.

For patients and citizens

The benefits extend beyond health professionals, too. Citizens can be proactive about their digital health with new apps, and patients can take advantage of new devices provided by their clinical organizations.

The demand for cloud computing solutions is clear. Today’s organizations are looking for more agility, easier management, and access to more capacity to enable them to handle increased demands without increasing costs. Health organizations can benefit from Microsoft’s industry-leading approach to security, privacy, and compliance while minimizing cost and complexity.

CareOtter’s mission is to empower the patient to have the best healthcare possible. By eliminating silos of data every your small-town doctor will have the same influence or same impact that a large academic medical center may have on an individual patient’s healthcare outcomes.



Medical and clinical research

Streamline operations to support innovation and research. For archiving, longitudinal studies, and electronic health records, the cloud accommodates rapidly growing data storage needs.

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Store medical data securely

You can provide secure, compliant, independently-verified cloud services that offer practical cost-effective storage alternatives to help you scale quickly while avoiding capital expenses. Health organizations around the world have entrusted Microsoft to help protect their data. Microsoft values this trust, and the privacy and security of your data is one of our top concerns.

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Cloud-based digital health apps

Hybrid cloud computing is a flexible option for those looking to retain on-premises control of core applications. Health professionals, patients, and citizens alike have better access to information to improve their healthcare.

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Internet of Things in health

The Internet of Things can streamline emergency department workflow. Patients can see decreased emergency department wait times by 50 percent. Additionally, connecting your existing devices to the cloud helps you to reduce on-site servicing costs, improve up-time and increase customer satisfaction.

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Health predictive analytics solutions from Microsoft and our partners can give everyone in a health organization powerful new ways to work with data. They can empower health professionals to glean actionable insights from the mountains of data that patient care can generate.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System is piloting a highly coordinated, intensely personalized solution built on Microsoft technologies for machine intelligence and advanced data predictive analytics, including the just-announced Cortana Analytics Suite.


Improve the quality of care

Mine disparate information systems to build more-accurate and richer patient profiles. With the ability to infuse data like electronic health records and handwritten case notes, you can uncover the actionable intelligence required to improve care and reduce costs.

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Get things done efficiently

Discover how more advanced and diverse predictive analytics capabilities can deliver better performance for healthcare organizations.

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Medical and clinical research

Apply predictive analytics to uncover unexpected patterns and associations and develop models to deliver optimal patient care and anticipate emerging health trends.

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