Microsoft Office 365 for U.S. Government

Microsoft Office 365 U.S. Government provides your organization with easy-to-use productivity and collaboration tools that allow you to spend more time serving your community and less time sifting through paperwork. The secure and compliant platform lets departments seamlessly work together from anywhere with an Internet connection on nearly any device.

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Connected Collaboration
Election Modernization
Case Management

Get a dynamic common operating picture, collaborate in real time, and make informed decisions with better state and local government technology

Solutions with improved state and local government technology

Conduct virtual town halls

Mayors and city staff need to engage regularly with citizens they represent to understand issues that matter most. Skype for Business makes it simple and cost effective to meet virtually with constituents, gathering feedback via group video calls. Both the mayor’s office and community members can create and share presentations, agendas, and notes―all in real time.

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Oversee projects in the field

Field inspectors are constantly on the road, conducting business over the phone. But OneNote Mobile, with its simple, streamlined interface, can help. Retrieve notes taken earlier in the day while visiting sites, and then save and access the changes across multiple devices. Connect and work on the go with OneNote!

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Make meetings matter

Microsoft productivity and social solutions enable remote and online collaboration, and allow citizens greater access to services and interaction with officials.

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Elections officials are tasked with running fair and secure elections in a time when budgets are under pressure. Modern technologies from Microsoft and our partners provide trustworthy and cost-effective options.

Solutions with improved state and local government technology

Reduce costs of election

From acquisition and deployment to maintenance and storage, proprietary election systems are expensive. Solutions based on Windows devices give elections officials options that reduce equipment costs, minimize maintenance expenses and dramatically cut the cost of storage to help officials deliver better results with shrinking budgets.

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Increase voter satisfaction

The shorter the line, the higher the voter satisfaction. Electronic poll books eliminate legacy paper-based systems so voters can sign in faster instead of waiting in line. New technology boosts voter satisfaction by making it faster and easier to verify the accuracy of voter registration information.

Customer Story: County of Orange, FL

Streamline election-day operations

With familiar, easy-to-use tools like Office 365 and Skype that improve communication and low-cost portable devices that increase operational flexibility, elections officials can respond to election day events like unexpected turnout or equipment failures more quickly.

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Provide exceptional value and customer service to your citizens with case management solutions designed specifically for government agencies. With Microsoft Cloud for Government and our Dynamics CRM solution partners, you can get a flexible, intuitive and affordable case management solution that makes it easy to share information across departments and agencies. Get improved collaboration, operational insight, and added efficiency to gain a 360-degree view of your citizens, allowing you to quickly provide quality service from anywhere, on virtually any device.

Your relationship management solution for government

Solutions with improved state and local government technology

Increase the quality of citizen interactions

Equip your agency with solutions that allow for more efficiency and collaboration. With extended visibility into data, government leaders and employees can extract deeper insights to make more informed decisions that better serve the community. A flexible, agile, and simplified IT platform offers increased accuracy, faster response times, and quicker issue resolution, while giving citizens greater transparency and easier ways to connect with government.

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Enhance employee productivity

People-centric productivity tools allow you to quickly enhance agency productivity with familiar, easy-to-use solutions. Provide your employees with a common user experience that allows them to readily access business intelligence, increase their agility, and easily tackle auditing and organizational reporting. Collaboration tools enable employees to stay connected from anywhere on virtually any device.


Manage costs more efficiently

Our cloud solutions make government cost management easy. New tools quickly integrate with your existing infrastructure, immediately enhancing usability and providing insight into your current systems.

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Microsoft Office 365 for U.S. Government

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