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In a mobile-first, cloud-first world, the opportunity is greater than the challenge. And new tools empower a more proactive, citizen-centric approach. Using new affordable technologies, government organizations can communicate with citizens on their terms to improve civic outcomes.

Field Inspection
Cloud Transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects your smart devices, harnesses your data, and streamlines processes so government agencies can focus on serving citizens in innovative ways. Tap into information from cars, street sensors and cameras, weather services, and social media to relieve congestion and improve safety. Connect buildings to a smart energy grid to improve power generation and efficiency, and also anticipate shortages. Or use home and personal monitoring devices to quickly identify the need for emergency services. You can lead the transformation to digital government with our comprehensive set of IoT services.


Transform operation and infrastructure

Cost reduction is critical to success and necessary to fund innovation that your citizens, businesses, and investors require. The Internet of Things can automate and streamline your processes by connecting your operations with devices, infrastructure, and other data. IoT turns this wealth of data—from connected sensors and meters, machines and systems, devices, social media channels, and public data markets—into insights and action that increase efficiency and productivity. Your government will deliver smarter, more contextualized information to users where and when they need it, allowing for quicker decision making that requires human intervention.

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Engage citizens more effectively

Citizens want to engage their government agencies in new, unified ways. The Internet of Things allows you to connect your devices and data so your citizens don’t have to repeatedly identify themselves to access records, submit permits, enroll in school, or pay their taxes. Enabling the seamless flow of data creates information hubs that allow you to securely deliver one-stop, citizen-centric experiences and services while also enabling effective, two-way communication.

Analyze citizen data to make better decisions

IoT also gives you anytime, anywhere access to the insights you need, including a 360-degree view of your economic data and factors that allow you to detect economic health. Armed with improved modeling and forecasting capabilities, agency leaders can make better planning and investment decisions. Connected data and systems amp up productivity of all government agency staff, allowing them to identify new opportunities, increase collaboration, and make more informed, real-time decisions.

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Cybersecurity and privacy

Cybersecurity covers the security of information, operations and computer systems. Microsoft has produced a series of whitepapers addressing cybersecurity and privacy; each focusing on key information designed to help you navigate this ever changing topic.

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Built to allow employees to gather data on nearly any device from remote locations, mobile field inspection solutions prevent duplication of work. Employees are securely connected to essential information where they need it most: in the field. Plus, agencies can generate real-time reports, turning collected information into instant insights.


Build efficiency and productivity

Collecting data in the field is a complex process that results in duplication of efforts when employees have to return to the office to reenter information. Arm your employees with mobile tools that allow them to input and access information on a single platform from nearly any device—even in remote locations.

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Increase security

When employees are entering information on paper or transporting data across systems, serious security concerns arise. To prevent security violations, support your mobile agents with uncompromised security in the cloud.

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Streamline inspections

Coming soon: Diverse inspection verticals create inconsistent approaches and experiences across agencies, while data analysis is hindered by dispersed data storage. Streamline field inspection processes with hybrid cloud capabilities that also enable you to generate customizable, real-time reports with business intelligence (BI) tools.

Reduce costs and improve transparency

When you have a secure, single platform for deploying and managing all devices across your diverse environment, you can see dramatic savings. Plus, your agency can improve transparency by providing citizens with up-to-date service information and updates via a self-service portal.

See how our secure end-to-end cloud platform, specifically designed to meet rigorous government compliance demands, helps agencies tackle community challenges, drive innovation, and cut costs.


Case management

Give employees the tools they need to make better decisions and provide citizens with superior service.

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Public safety video

Manage the cost, capacity, and compliance challenges you face with the rapid growth of video assets. Store and manage your video assets in a scalable, CJIS-capable cloud.

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Election modernization

Elections officials are tasked with running fair and secure elections in a time when budgets are under pressure. Modern technologies from Microsoft and our partners provide trustworthy and cost-effective options.

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Empowering the business of government ebook


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