Microsoft Perspectives on the Digital Bank

Within the banking industry a new era of personal computing will help you deliver outstanding digital experiences to your customers, productivity and business processes will enable you to create a digital workplace, and an intelligent cloud will help you transform your business. In this publication – Microsoft Perspectives on The Digital Bank – we share our views on the technologies that Microsoft is employing to help you become a digital bank.

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Digital Bank
Risk and Analytics

Customers today have more financial services alternatives available than ever before, leading to lesser reliance on and engagement with traditional banks. Meanwhile, globalization and regulatory complexity are driving the continued need for simplification, automation, and cost savings. Microsoft is empowering banks to deliver new value and connected experiences, helping them to win back loyalty and thrive in the digital age. This is driven by solutions that enable banks to engage customers through digital experiences across channels, enable a connected and collaborative digital workplace, and transform into a digital business with connected and open systems. Through a combination of Microsoft and partner solutions, banks can turn data into insight, transform ideas into action, and turn change into opportunity.

Metro Bank reinvents the customer experience with Microsoft solutions



Banker productivity

Banker productivity solutions provide productivity, enterprise social, collaboration, and unified communication tools to enable widely distributed and highly regulated financial institutions to function as agile, innovative organizations driven by interpersonal interactions—with capabilities that can be accessed across productivity applications, line-of-business apps, and across the PC, phone, and tablet. This includes scenarios that demonstrate the end to end capabilities of our entire productivity platform and how to transform financial services through Office, Skype, social, analytics, mobility, and cloud.

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Channels and customer experience

Channels and customer experience solutions enable financial institutions to transform their delivery strategy to retain customers with an innovative service experience, attract new customers with a redesigned sales experience, integrate social marketing to drive brand perception, and gain a 360-degree customer view.

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Data is the business in financial services. The amount of structured and unstructured data that financial institutions need to analyze has grown—and will continue to grow—exponentially. Business insight into customer analytics and risk management are central and are strategic to the industry. Banks and capital markets firms that best manage and monetize data will be on a strong path to higher revenues, better customer service, stronger risk management, and improved operational efficiency. Microsoft is empowering financial institutions to gain breakthrough insight into business performance and profitability, turn customer sentiment into opportunity, provide an integrated view of risk exposure, monetize market data, deliver on regulatory compliance requirements, and capitalize on the Internet of Things. Microsoft provides a true end-to-end offering encompassing enterprise data management, analytics, pervasive business insight, and dynamic user visualization that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model. Microsoft solutions enable the democratization of data so business users have self-service access while IT retains full control over data management and infrastructure.


Data and analytics

Data and analytics solutions enable employees at every level of the organization to get the insight they need and put it into action—helping them to increase profitability, enhance brand perception, and improve customer acquisition, next best office, cross-selling, customer service and retention.

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Risk compute

Microsoft Azure for Risk Compute Grids offers a cloud-based solution that helps financial institutions manage their grid for risk and related compute requirements in a flexible manner, on their own terms, with an optimal TCO.

Microsoft Perspectives on the Digital Bank

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